Belfast firms team up as demand for non-touch thermometers grow

  • Belfast-based medtech TriMedika has selected local software firm Flowlens to solve their remote working business process challenges.

    TriMedika develops medical devices and is experiencing significant demand for is new TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer during the coronavirus pandemic.

    TriMedika’s thermometers use infrared technology to measure the heat a person emits. By simply pointing the handheld device at the patient’s forehead for a few seconds, the surface temperature is taken, and automatically converted into a core body temperature reading.

    The business launched in 2016 and has now grown to 10 staff members, selling products worldwide.

    The firm’s rapid growth in size and orders has led to its partnership with Flowlens, to help with process compliance and ISO standards.

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    Dr Roisin Molloy, TriMedika CEO explained: “We reached a point where the level of manual effort needed to maintain our system was challenging, with the rate of increase in orders. We also recognised risks associated with reliance on one or two people to construct the spreadsheets, and the risk of errors.

    “We needed a system that would let us clearly track inventory and particularly provide traceability for individual product serial numbers. We also needed a way to ensure reliable and robust process management across sales, purchasing, invoicing and inventory that interfaced with our Xero accounts package. With the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown, this need was reinforced, with our team working and collaborating remotely.

    “Having reviewed a number of options, we were delighted to find Flowlens, as it combined the sales and operational functions we needed with very flexible reporting and real-time dashboards. It means we can all be on the same page, even when we’re not in the same building. Flowlens is built for small but growing businesses like us, with CRM and MRP functionality under one roof.

    “Support and training were also vital for us. Before signing up, we took a free trial of Flowlens and worked with the team to set up our process and import data. It was clear Flowlens were interested in our business, and that we could work with them to get the outcomes we needed.

    “We will save a lot of time by replacing multiple spreadsheets and repetitive data entry with Flowlens, and I’m looking forward to using the extra time to drive our business forward.”

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    Rich Dale, CEO of Flowlens added: “This deal underlines Flowlens’s capability, not just as a CRM or MRP and inventory system, but also as a robust business process management and compliance tool for ISO audited companies. We’re delighted to play a part in TriMedika’s continued success.”

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