OxygenCare breathes new life into digital healthcare

  • OxygenCare, a leading provider of life-saving medical equipment and solutions, announces that it has broadened its portfolio by enhancing its digital clinical information systems offering.

    The family-run company with a legacy of more than 50 years in healthcare and more than 30 years in digital clinical solutions, is now incorporating a theatre management solution, a patient engagement platform and an anaesthesia software solution – underpinned by data analytics, the demand for which is ever-increasing across numerous hospital departments including operating theatres, intensive care and cardiology.

    OxygenCare enables the digital health transformation in Ireland with the latest version of GE HealthCare Centricity Opera, that supports intelligent scheduling, planning, material and resource management. It also provides for real-time whole theatre optimised workflows powered by artificial intelligence, allowing for the scheduling of patients at optimum times and reduces waiting list times. In one instance, a hospital’s day surgery was able to reduce their waiting list for elective patients during the first year of implementation.

    Stephen Nicholson Digital Health Manager Digital HealthCare Solutions OxygenCare, said: “Technology has the power to transform not just how healthcare is provided but how patients interact with the healthcare system as a whole. We’re witnessing a real desire among hospitals and caregivers to deliver digital healthcare solutions and services for patients across the entire island of Ireland.

    “In order to make this a reality and ensure effective implementation, we work closely with healthcare providers to firstly understand the process. This equips us with the knowledge to streamline the experience using digital streams, thus optimising clinical workflows and enabling safe patient journeys”.

    The bespoke Centricity Anaesthesia software is linked into clinical information systems and configured with defaults, drug administrations and coded procedural/diagnostic data. Web-enabled anaesthetic information displays when and where needed.

    This solution also tracks operations from start to finish, showing relevant critical care information. In turn, this streamlines the clinical process and improves the healthcare provider’s experience while increasing patient safety.

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    Liam Hutchinson, Product Specialist Digital HealthCare Solutions, said: “Our customer-first approach means that we provide a responsive, reliable digital healthcare offering which delivers long-term value, making the lives of caregivers easier and delivering better outcomes for patients.”

    OxygenCare has also recently introduced The BuddyCare patient engagement platform from Buddy Healthcare. This tracks perioperative tasks to simplify the care co-ordination and optimisation of patients on theatre lists. The patient is empowered to provide their healthcare information remotely via online channels, removing the need to travel to appointments and allowing it to be saved in a database in line with compliance standards and reducing the carbon footprint.

    Moreover, this managed automated platform enhances communication between patients before and after surgery, while also providing real-time information on the day of the procedure. 

    Along with equipping healthcare providers with digital healthcare solutions that maximise the efficiency of internal workflows and transform the patient experience, partnering with OxygenCare ensures ongoing training and support to clinicians and anaesthetists, which expands and evolves as and when the hospital’s strategy or clinical needs dictate.

    By bringing together these solutions and platforms, OxygenCare provides a true end-to-end support solution for the patients, caregivers and the hospitals.

    Source: Written from press release 

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