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Belfast, Northern Ireland

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2024-09-30 23:00:00


Systems Engineer III - ETPA

  • The Systems Engineer III ETPA will support with supervision, primarily in the areas of electronic trading and clearing applications in the customer facing environments.

    The incumbent must have knowledge of application troubleshooting, deployment/configuration and be comfortable with navigating Linux/Windows platforms, with a focus on experience in:

    - Oracle SQL troubleshooting skills - query building and data extraction for verification of issues with trade data flow and processing.

    - Understanding java apps to read log files and troubleshoot application flow issues.

    - Strong communication skills are required candidate typically works with internal teams for support/escalation and new initiatives.

    Principal Accountabilities:

    •I nvestigate application and/or data specific problems and describe the cause and effect relationship, gathering evidence for proposed solution or fix, working with development teams, infrastructure teams etc to get a resolution.

    • Demonstrate intermediate knowledge of systems (Linux/Windows), distributed computing architecture (client server, intranet/internet), h/w platforms and resources - CPU, memory, virtualization, clustering;

    . Maintain and modify settings of UC4 scheduler tool - to ensure proper functioning and provide routine maintenance including Disaster Recovery failover and testing.

    • Troubleshoot most of the known issues, determine the root cause and work with stakeholders, other technical teams etc on automation for solutions and implementation of said automated solutions;

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