Sonrai Partners with Candel Therapeutics to Advance The Development of Viral Immunotherapies for Cancer

  • Sonrai Analytics (Sonrai), an AI precision medicine company enabling advanced analytics to advance the development of therapeutics, and Candel Therapeutics (Candel), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing multi-modal biological immunotherapies, today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the development of novel cancer therapeutics.

    The partnership brings Sonrai’s innovative cloud-based AI technology to Candel’s pipeline, allowing Candel to integrate and analyze clinical trial data to support the identification of predictive biomarkers of response to treatment.

    Candel will utilize Sonrai’s AI technology platform, Sonrai Discovery, to integrate and analyze its diverse data types, including multi-omics, imaging, and clinical data. Sonrai Discovery will enable Candel to create scalable workflows and visualizations, simplifying and accelerating biomarker discovery, management and analysis through efficient biomarker shortlisting and reporting. The platform will facilitate the interrogation and sharing of multi-omics data to allow researchers at Candel to advance the development of cancer therapeutics without data silos and duplication of effort. 

    Multi-omics data generated in ongoing clinical trials in lung cancer and pancreatic cancer will be interrogated using Sonrai’s AI platform. Potential interactions between baseline patient characteristics, post-treatment biological and measures of clinical outcome will be integrated, providing a holistic evaluation of the clinical and biological response to Candel’s investigational medicines. 

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    “We are committed to bringing innovation through AI to our partners developing groundbreaking therapeutics to save patients’ lives. The ability to integrate multi-omics data with imaging data is a key innovation in the Sonrai platform, which allows drug developers to maximize outputs from their data and gain new insights ”, said Prof. Darragh McArt, CEO and Founder, Sonrai Analytics. “We are proud to be working with Candel Therapeutics to help bring highly innovative off-the-shelf immunotherapies to patients.”

    “At Candel we have previously implemented AI in our enLIGHTENTM Discovery Platform. By partnering with Sonrai, we are able to expand the scope of computational biology and AI to our clinical data”, said Francesca Barone, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Candel Therapeutics. “Being able to integrate multi-omics data with imaging and clinical data allows us to accelerate our goal to treat cancer patients with precision.”

    Source: Written from press release 

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