Harness to create 80 jobs in Northern Ireland

  • Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company, is expanding its European operations in Northern Ireland and creating 80 jobs.

    Established in 2017 and headquartered in San Francisco, Harness has developed a world-class, end-to-end platform for complete software delivery that provides a simple, safe and secure way for engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production quickly, securely, reliably and efficiently.

    Speaking to Sync NI Economy Minister Gordon Lyons said: “We’re delighted to have Harness here in Northern Ireland. It's a good news announcement today of 80 jobs being created in the digital tech sector, which is obviously a sector that has growing importance in Northern Ireland. Not only do we have 80 new jobs but they are well paid jobs, the average salary of these jobs will be over £60,000. That's going to mean £4 million of salaries into the local economy.”

    The Minister added: “I think it shows that people continue to have confidence in this city in particular and in the opportunities that exist here. We're seeing more and more companies seeing the opportunity, seeing the talent that we have, seeing the cost of doing business here, the track record that we have attracting and keeping foreign direct investment and we're seeing the tech sector grow as a result of that.”

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    Invest NI has helped secure the 80 jobs for Northern Ireland. The roles will be a hybrid of remote working and in-person based out of Urban HQ, Belfast office. 

    Commenting on the expansion to Northern Ireland, Mel Chittock, Invest NI interim CEO, told Sync NI: “I think it adds a different dimension to the investments here. This is not a company that is an end user of applications, it's a company that creates the tools for those applications to be developed. So I think there's an opportunity for this company to supply into the local software industry, but also to supply into GB and into Dublin for the software services. So I think it is a phenomenal opportunity and it adds another layer of the software industry to the sector in Northern Ireland.”

    Recruitment is underway, with 30 new jobs already in place. Harness plans on hiring roles ranging from graduate to senior experience levels, across engineering, UX, management and customer success.

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    Speaking about the new Northern Ireland office, Jyoti Bansal, Harness co-founder & CEO, told Sync NI: “We were looking for a location where we could have good engineering talent and talent that is focused on building products. We found a lot of good companies here, with a lot of talent around DevOps, developer tools and cybersecurity, the areas that we focus on. When we decided to try it out we saw a lot of success very quickly. We were able to attract some really, really top notch engineers who work in these kinds of areas.”

    Jyoti concluded: “We are excited about the range of positions we are creating in Northern Ireland. Our team here will play an important role in expanding the Harness platform. With many of our customers already located in the city, investing in our Belfast presence puts Harness in the centre of one of Europe’s strongest technology hubs.”

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