All NI cars to have speed limiting technology by 2022

  • Cars sold in the UK or elsewhere in Europe will have to be fitted with speed limiting technology from 2022, according to new mandatory rules.

    The European Union has provisionally agreed a new rule that will make it mandatory for all vehicles sold in Europe to have speed limiting technology installed from 2022 in an effort to reduce the number of road deaths each year. The UK Department for Transport has also clarified that the UK will adopt the same rules regardless of the result of Brexit.

    The EU ultimately aims to cut road deaths to zero by 2050, and it's throwing every new technology it can find at the problem. New safety tech that has been approved for use in the EU includes new advanced emergency braking, automated lane-keeping technology, and an intelligent speed assistance system.

    The intelligent speed limiter would use GPS to work out which road your car is on and limit speed to that road's maximum, and could also use a front-mounted camera to read road signs. In order to prevent interference with overtaking procedures on motorways, the user would be able to override the safety feature temporarily by pressing down hard on the accelerator.

    Source: BBC News

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