Now you can upload your house key to the cloud, because of course you can!

  • Among the crazier technologies on display at CES 2019 this week is a new service called KeyHero that lets you scan in your house keys and upload them to the cloud, then get a new key cut if you lock yourself out.

    CES 2019 is underway right now in Las Vegas, United States, and this year's show has some crazy new technologies on display. Among the more surprising innovations this year is a use for the cloud that you probably never considered -- storing your house keys. Tech startup KeyHero has developed a system that will scan in your keys and then store the data in the cloud, according to a BBC report on the technology.

    Each key is registered to the user's email address or mobile phone number, and if the user ever loses their key then they can recall the stored key image and get a new key cut from it. KeyHero explains that most key issues involve people locking themselves out of the house (which their technology solves) rather than losing the key entirely (which may prompt the user to get their locks changed).

    Access to key data is obviously among the top concerns users will have, and KeyHero's approach is to encrypt the key image and only allow it to be unlocked by going to one of the company's partner stores. Despite this, there are still concerns that uploading your key to this service could potentially enable someone who gains illegal access to your phone or email address to get a key cut for your house without your permission.

    It's also not clear why the company would be using cloud storage for data that only needs to be accessed on proprietary machines in selected partner stores. Cloud systems are great for scaling services to meet increasing demand, but they introduce additional security considerations as the company wouldn't have control over the physical servers the data is stored on. KeyHero's website explains that the company's security model has stood up to multiple security audits and reviews.

    Source: BBC News

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