Fibrus offers fastest broadband services in Northern Ireland

  • Full fibre broadband operator Fibrus today has launched Northern Ireland’s fastest broadband service at 2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) following the first upgrades to its cutting-edge broadband network.

    The provider has been busy rolling out its upgrades that will see its network now support a staggering 10GB per second, some 50 times faster than Northern Ireland’s average speed.

    The new network will use XGS-PON technology, which will further future-proof its services in an age when streaming, high definition, 5G and other emerging technologies are continually pushing bandwidth demands.

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    The technology is also a major boost for businesses for enabling multiple solutions including continuity services, real-time backup recovery, and replication of critical business applications across multiple sites.

    The first area confirmed to be live with the fastest speeds in Northern Ireland is the town of Rathfriland in Co.Down with the roll out continuing at pace in partnership with the access technology provider Nokia. The provider plans to release its upgrade roll out schedule in due course to allow consumers a view as to when they can upgrade to the new services.

    Fibrus Sales Director Mark Woolner said: “Offering our customers the best in class broadband services is what we pride ourselves on as a company. The demand for higher speed services is growing and we see consumers connecting more and more devices and consuming much more data.”

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    Technology and IT Director at Fibrus, Neil Isherwood, said: “Future-proofing our network for business and residential customers is always at the forefront of our minds. This technology is a game changer across the industry, and we’re incredibly proud to be leading the charge in Northern Ireland.

    Over the next number of years, we are expecting to see the demand for 10Gbps capable networks to increase and as such we are committed to building the best network possible for our customers. We are investing in our future by preparing for a rapid upgrade via XGS-PON access technology.”

    Source: Written from press release

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