Big Motive launch report to create safer digital experiences for children and young people


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  • Belfast and Dublin-based design agency, Big Motive, are launching their ‘Kids First’ report on Wednesday 23rd November at 11am to guide and encourage organisations to create safer digital experiences for children and young people.

    Big Motive worked with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) last year to create design guidance for a new statutory code of practice called the Children’s Code which has already led to improvements from Google, Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram.

    After collaborating with designers, data experts and technology advisors, Big Motive realised that every team creates distinct experiences for children in different genres and in different ways. Their solution was a comprehensive toolkit, comprising do’s and don’ts, checklists and tools that any digital team can use in their design process. The design guidance helps teams empathise with young users and better understand children’s rights.

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    Using their expertise in researching with and designing for children, along with the expert insight of fellow design professionals from organisations such as Spotify Kids, the BBC, 5Rights Foundation and YEO Messaging, Big Motive has created this report to share their knowledge, inspire others to create safer digital products and services, and celebrate those doing great work in the space.

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    Children today are exposed to technology and the internet from an early age, opening them up to a world of dangers and risks. Therefore, organisations can no longer afford to disregard the impact they have on children’s safety.

    To attend the virtual launch event to get a first look at the report, hear from design experts and learn about how organisations can make the digital space a safer place, sign up here.

    Source: Written from press release

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