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Future Focused with Fujitsu

  • Operating in Northern Ireland for over 40 years, leading digital transformation company Fujitsu has a strong track record of nurturing and developing talent in a variety of technology and business roles. Its popular apprenticeship and early career programmes have won numerous awards and the company was most recently named as one of the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers in the UK.

    Following A-Level and GCSE results, we caught up with Keelin Duddy, People Operations Lead for the UK & Ireland and Aoife McMonagle, Early Careers Recruiter at Fujitsu to find out what kind of future students can expect in the technology sector.

    Fujitsu provides a range of apprenticeship opportunities including degree and non-degree courses. Degree apprenticeships allow young people to gain a university degree while working at Fujitsu, whereas non-degree apprenticeships students study and work towards a Level 3 or 4 apprenticeship through work-based and classroom learning.

    Aoife says apprenticeships are a great way to future proof your career given the material covered and hands-on mentoring and support participants gain. “The apprenticeship courses we align our early careers cohort to have a particular focus on emerging tech and trends meaning our apprentices develop skills now, that will stand them in good stead for the future,” explains Aoife. “We work closely with our partner colleges, Belfast Met and North West Regional College (NWRC), to shape the apprenticeship programmes we help deliver, ensuring our apprentices are studying not only the topics most pertinent to the future of the IT industry, but that they gain the transferrable skills to help futureproof their careers.  There is also the added benefit of earning while you learn and with the degree apprenticeships there is no student debt - which is definitely a selling point for a lot of people!”

    “Those who are completing an apprenticeship gain an industry recognised qualification and develop as part of an experienced, thriving team,” adds Keelin. “From the moment they start working at Fujitsu their enthusiasm and fresh thinking add value to the business and we try to nurture and enhance their skills through practical learning and focused mentoring support.”

    Knowledge, passion, and a drive to succeed

    Keelin and Aoife say businesses can help build the talent pipeline at every educational touchpoint - through placement opportunities, supporting career fairs and development programmes, as well showcasing the value of a career in IT through visible role models.

    Outside of the Early Career’s scheme, Fujitsu run school engagement programmes in Derry-Londonderry and Belfast. They partner with local schools in the community to present different workshops to GCSE and A-Level students. “In the last number of years, we have increased our outreach activity with local schools, youth organisations, libraries, colleges, and universities to showcase the benefits of a job in ICT. We have carried out CV and employability workshops as well as coding programmes to get students interested in the world of technology. These are essential if we are to inspire the next generation of digital innovators and technologists. Thankfully the number of young people studying STEM at A-Level is on the rise, with computing enjoying the biggest leap in entry numbers across all subjects recently,” says Keelin.

    When asked about their advice to young people interested in a career in IT and technology, Keelin and Aoife shared similar advice:“One thing that stands out to hiring managers is independent learning. There are plenty of free courses online, from coding to software that students can do in their spare time to give them a flavour of the technology space and what companies like Fujitsu do.”

    “We know that some of these young people have just finished their GCSE’s or A-Levels so they have little to no experience but demonstrating an interest in technology and a dedication to learning can set applicants apart. Showcasing your passion for knowledge and learning is a good place to start.” 

    Supporting all walks of life

    Fujitsu is a well-established and trusted partner for many well-known organisations as well as public sector delivery and so it’s not surprising that its apprenticeship and graduate schemes are so popular.

    “What I think makes Fujitsu a good place to work for young people is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. At Fujitsu, we are supportive of all walks of life. It is at the forefront of the company’s culture, and I think that young people want to work for an employer that is ethical and that can stand by its values.

    We are a human-centric organisation, committed to putting people first which can be seen by our various charity initiatives. Fujitsu do a lot of work with charities; in fact, we have a charity day once a year where we take a day away from work to volunteer with a charity.”

    How about it, do you think a future with Fujitsu could be for you?

    With Fujitsu’s commitment to their values and dedication to being an inclusive workplace, why not check out the Fujitsu Early Career’s website to learn more about the award-winning apprenticeship scheme and graduate opportunities.

    For more information on a career with Fujitsu email:

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