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Starting a Career in Tech? Learn How Rapid7’s Emerging Talent Programmes Foster Long-Term Success

  • Rapid7’s Emerging Talent Programmes pave the way for early career professionals to have a successful career in tech. In Belfast, we offer both an Apprentice Programme and a Placement Programme to support new talent coming into the tech field.

    The Apprentice Programme is designed for individuals with established careers that want to pivot into the cybersecurity field. In our Placement Programme, students spend a full year working as a member of one of our teams while enrolled in university, gaining valuable experience working on real projects.

    Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and we work diligently to stay ahead of attackers and create a more secure digital future for all. Emerging Talent Programme participants bring fresh and valuable perspectives to our business and are equipped with the resources and opportunities to develop valuable industry knowledge and experience.

    We spoke with several team members who went through these programmes and went on to pursue full time roles at Rapid7, and invited them to share their experiences.

    What was the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome when starting your career?

    When I joined Rapid7, I had no prior IT experience. My background was in mechanics. I was initially very nervous that my lack of IT experience would put me at a disadvantage. However, I was fortunate to be offered an opportunity with Rapid7 and Belfast Met. Rapid7 provided me with exceptional training and a support programme with ongoing mentoring. This ensured that I never felt left behind.

    In the last 2 years working with Rapid7, my knowledge and skills have grown far beyond what I had ever hoped for. This is a testament to the talented individuals I work with and their willingness to share their expertise and help others.

    Mark Gottschalk, Technical Support Engineer II

    Coming from university and other experiences where I would have completed projects in smaller groups, understanding how information is stored and communicated across a large company and stakeholders took some time. I look at it as a valuable learning opportunity as you gain insight into how decisions are made in software companies and how stakeholders in all areas of Rapid7’s business interact with each other.

    Christopher Jennings, Assistant Product Manager, Platform

    How did you know you wanted to work at Rapid7?

    I was interested in the culture at Rapid7 when looking for placement opportunities. The effort by the company to look after employee welfare was very attractive, and quite unique compared to other companies.

    Kate Wilson, User Experience Designer I

    My software engineering placement at Rapid7 was a pivotal experience in my career journey, as it helped me to determine my desired career path and confirm my interest in the company. Rapid7 impressed me with its position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry, as well as its ownership of the highly regarded tool, Metasploit.

    The company’s focus on culture and values during the hiring process, and the positive experience I had with the people I met made a strong impression on me. These factors, combined with my passion for software engineering, led me to conclude that Rapid7 would be an ideal place for me to continue my professional development and pursue my career goals.

    Jonathan Hume, Software Engineer I

    How has this programme helped you determine your career path?

    This placement programme has been instrumental in helping me determine my career path. I now have a better understanding of what product managers do and how different stakeholders within a software business interact to progress Rapid7 forward.

    Christopher Jennings, Assistant Product Manager, Platform

    The apprenticeship programme at Rapid7 has been a transformative experience for me. I have a strong interest in technology and a drive to learn and grow. I am surrounded by colleagues who are supportive and inclusive, and I have the opportunity to work on real-world projects that are challenging and rewarding. The programme provides a perfect balance between work and education, allowing me to complete my degree while gaining valuable experience.

    Toni Ashe, Technical Support Engineer I

    What has been your proudest accomplishment at Rapid7 so far?

    My proudest accomplishment within Rapid7 has been the success of the Apprentice team I started with. At the end of our first year working within the Support team, we received the top three highest average customer survey ratings globally, as well as the top team globally. This was a moment of immense pride for all of us and serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the training and development programme for Support Engineers and the Apprenticeship programme!

    Mark Gottschalk, Technical Support Engineer II, Support Coordinator Apprentice

    My proudest accomplishment so far has been successfully completing my first coding project, which was a command palette modal that utilized hotkeys and other actions. Despite the challenges, I have worked hard and pushed myself to learn, and the reward of completing the project was worth all the effort.

    Toni Ashe, Technical Support Engineer I

    What piece of advice would you give someone entering a similar position?

    I would advise anyone who is thinking about applying for an internship to be confident in their ability, ask lots of questions, and build a good knowledge base on the work and environment of the company and role you are applying to.

    Kate Wilson, User Experience Designer I

    For anyone considering a career move, my advice is: Take advantage of the opportunities for learning and growth, be open to feedback, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Pursuing a career in this field can be challenging, but the results are rewarding if you are passionate about technology and have a drive to constantly learn and grow.

    Toni Ashe, Technical Support Engineer I

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