PwC's Ayaan: 'Working flexibility has given opportunity to give back to refugee communities'

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    Ayaan joined PwC in 2018 as a Data Analyst in our Data Intelligence team and has recently taken the step into a new role as an Agile Delivery Manager in Operational Insights.

    “My career is important to me, and during the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to upskill and challenge myself to reach my full potential," she said.

    "I’ve not been given this level of support in any of my previous places of work and it’s encouraged me to look at other opportunities internally, which led to my recent change in role.” 

    Our Data Intelligence teams are vital in supporting our finance teams with monthly reporting and also our people reports, including those on gender pay gaps and our social mobility data. As a Data Analyst Ayaan was integral to upgrading and automating these reports through the implementation of business tools such as Alteryx and Power BI.

    Working in Operational Insights, Ayaan’s now accountable for facilitating the continuous improvement and coaching of the Insights delivery team. It’s a role focusing on the future; identifying obstacles and working with the team to overcome them. For Ayaan it’s also a chance for her to share learning opportunities with her own team and to encourage upskilling and progression.

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    Outside of work Ayaan lives in Birmingham with her family and during the last year of working from home has balanced work life with homeschooling her four-year old son. Having moved to the UK from the Netherlands when she was seven, Ayaan and her family love to travel and for them no trip is complete without really learning about the culture and people in that country. 

    “One of the aspects I appreciate and enjoy the most about working at PwC has been the flexibility given to everyone who works here. I’ve had the flexibility to work around the priorities of being a mother, as well as the flexibility to be part of wider networks outside of my ‘day job’.

    Working with the Social Mobility Network and Working with Refugees team to help drive social change in our community and advocating awareness has been one of my favourite roles I’ve had in PwC. I’ve had the chance to meet so many amazing and inspiring people through my involvement.”

    One of Ayaan’s most poignant career achievements has been reaching the final three of the PwC Midlands Spotlight - Digital Lab Awards. The awards look to recognise those in our digital teams at PwC and their contribution in the industry. Ayaan would describe her career at PwC as impactful, challenging and exciting. 

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    As part of our blog series, we often ask our people which of our values resonates most with them, and for Ayaan it’s ‘Making a Difference’. “I believe in the power of our voice and how we can make a difference in speaking up, sharing our stories and experiences. Even if speaking up does not change the situation directly for you, it could have a positive impact on those who come in after you and I’ve witnessed this a few times in my life already.”

    Ayaan’s also been nominated to be part of this year's International Women’s Day project featuring a number of women across our network, each with their own individual story to share. It’s important for us at PwC to encourage all our people to be themselves, as in turn this creates a more dynamic and engaged workforce, and most importantly, people who are truly happy in their role at work.

    “Being a black, first generation migrant muslim female means that I fit into quite a few different categories. To be myself at PwC means I’m able to bring my whole authentic self to work and still have equal access to opportunities, access to work that I’m passionate about and being given the chance to reach my full potential.

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    It means I’m not met with barriers because of my experiences, a piece of clothing I wear on my head, my gender or ethnicity. It means being encouraged to be myself, feel respected and have my different perspectives welcomed.

    "I have a sense of pride working for an employer who allows me to do this, and where I’m able to explore career opportunities which I may not have previously thought possible. There’s a sense of opportunity and potential at PwC which I haven’t felt elsewhere.”

    Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, celebrating women around the world of different backgrounds and how far we have come today, but also a reminder on the conversations which still need to be had for those who’ll enter the workforce after us. 

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