Earn while you learn - PwC's Tech Degree Apprenticeship

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    Our Flying Start Technology Degree Apprenticeship programme lasts four years and will fast track your career in technology.

    You'll study towards a full BSc degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, depending on which university you attend, and gain the relevant apprenticeship qualification too. The degree is fully funded which means you dont need to pay your tuition fees and as a PwC apprentice from day one, you'll be paid a salary throughout your degree programme. 

    During the programme you'll have work placements with us where you'll work on cutting-edge digital and technology client projects at PwC. 

    Maisy Sinclair was one of our first apprentices on the programme. Now in her third year, she shares her experiences and thoughts on how it's gone.

    How would you describe your experience on this course?        

    I really have enjoyed being able to learn in University and then apply what I have learnt to industry through this course. It’s been challenging at times as it is obviously different to other University courses, but I have never felt that I was at a disadvantage with having to do placements over the summer, or under more pressure with exams. I think the two, University and industry placements, go hand in hand.

    What have been the most interesting parts of it?

    I think getting to experience lots of different parts of the company has been good as it isn’t something you would get to do if you just applied for a job there. I’ve had the opportunity to work in two completely different parts of the firm so far and it’s nice to be able to see which parts I am drawn to. It’s also nice to have a routine with working 9 to 5 some days of the year but then having a University schedule other parts!

    How does your experience compare with your peers not on the degree apprenticeship course?

    I think it's been slightly easier for us, we don’t have to worry about University fees and we don’t have to worry about finding a company for third year placement either.

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    What are the benefits of doing a degree apprenticeship?

    As well as there being no fees (and therefore no debt!), it’s all organised for you. You get actual experience working with the firm and get exposed to more than one area of the company and to business prospects and you meet a lot more people as well!

    Do you think that people are more aware of the benefits of doing a degree apprenticeship?

    Yes, I do think people are aware of the benefits - I found that people were telling me how lucky I am to get experience early in the industry and how good it was that I would not only have experience, but a degree also.

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    What are you hoping to do once the course ends?

    I would like to continue my career at PwC, build up more skills and knowledge about the industry and then I can see where I’ll go from there, based on what I want to pursue at that time.

    Would you recommend this course? 

    Yes! I would really recommend this course if you want a career in IT. It sets you apart as you’ll likely have a lot more experience compared to the average candidate by the time you finish University. Working at the same time as studying also allows you to apply what you’ve learnt to your work, giving you a deeper understanding of the subject. 

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    For more information and to apply, visit this link.

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