Linen Quarter BID says professionals need to return to the city on a more regular basis

  • Managing Director of Linen Quarter Business Improvement District, Chris McCracken, says that despite there being an increase in the number of businesses returning to the city in recent weeks, the need for more employees to return to the city on a more regular basis remains. 

    Linen Quarter Business Improvement District (LQ BID) has noted an increase in the number of businesses preparing to welcome their employees back to the office in recent weeks but suggests that the current stay at home guidance is inhibiting a wider return.

    The Linen Quarter is home to over 400 businesses of various sizes, across various sectors and say their employees are a key part of the ecosystem that maintains the vitality of the City Centre.

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    Chris McCracken, Managing Director at Linen Quarter BID, said: “The current work from home guidance, is now past its sell by date and is actively discouraging companies from embracing progressive ways of working.”

    Mr McCracken also added: “The office remains at the heart of professional life, and Belfast City Centre is still the engine for creativity and innovation right across the region. Pre-pandemic, professionals working in the city made a huge contribution to both the day-time and night-time economy, supporting the businesses that in many cases have been established to cater for them. From coffee meetings with clients and after-work drink with colleagues, we need to see the safe return of offices so our city can thrive.” 

    To incentivise its members to support businesses across the Linen Quarter, LQ BID has created ‘Welcome Back’ packs which include a £25 gift card which can be used across the District.

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    Whilst awaiting the return of businesses to the city throughout the pandemic, LQ BID said they focused on improving the  District’s shared spaces. They recently revealed a new parklet in conjunction with partners from Belfast City Council, the Department for Communities and the Department for Infrastructure.

    The parklet provides a social space for colleagues to congregate and LQ BID say it promotes the contemporary city environment that citizens have come to demand.

    Speaking on the new development, Chris McCracken stated: “The reality is that the pandemic has changed cities forever. Our ambition is to create shared, sustainable spaces that will drive footfall to restore economic vitality and create environments for safe and positive social interaction – places people want to spend time.”

    Source: Written from press release.

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