NI entrepreneurs backed by GoT producer to launch world first in connected fitness market

  • ReformRX, a Belfast connected fitness company will be launching a world first within the at-home fitness equipment market after they have received a major investment from US Game of Thrones producer, Bernadette Caulfield.

    Northern Irish entrepreneurs, Neal and Yvette McGaffin’s fitness company is the world’s first connected reformer Pilates machine, bringing the experience of luxury boutique fitness into the home.

    Reformer Pilates is a workout supported by athletes globally, that involves specialist equipment, the reformer, used to practice traditional Pilates exercises and allows for a more dynamic workout.

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    ReformRX will offer users live and on-demand classes taught by industry professionals, while its connected, built-in data tracking capabilities will record performance and submit progress feedback.

    ReformRX will launch into the UK and Ireland market later this summer, with plans to expand into the US market during its second year.

    Further fundraising is currently taking place to raise approximately £4million, which would allow ReformRx to increase production and recruit personnel across key areas, such as additions to its software, sales, and marketing teams.

    Emmy award-winning producer, Caufield, was introduced to the founders during filming of the hit HBO show in Belfast, and began training with ReformRX’s creative director Yvette. It is the first time the Hollywood producer has invested within the global fitness market.

    Technical development support was also offered to ReformRX through Invest NI, which helped the development of the Pilates machine, as well as increasing their marketing. This enables the company to focus on growing their sales within new markets.

    Neal McGaffin, managing director at ReformRX, commented on the UK and Ireland launch:
    “The combined investment and support we have received from Bernadette, other angel investors and Invest NI has enabled us to reach a stage where we’re ready to launch the RX into the at-home consumer market.

    “Our aim is to target the UK and ROI markets via direct sales through our e-commerce website, as well as open a dedicated RX studio in London to offer a showroom like experience to further facilitate the sales process.”

    The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated consumer demand for premium training alternatives for the home due to gym closures during lockdown restrictions. By 2025, the sector is expected to reach a value of $5.9 billion.

    Yvette McGaffin, Creative director at ReformRX stated, “ReformRX has been in development long before the pandemic- we identified a gap in the reformer pilates at home market in which it was relatively confined to industry professionals, due to a lack of confidence in consumers completing a reformer-led workout at home.”

    “…Lockdowns may be easing but in a post-pandemic world, people are adopting a new hybrid-way of living and choosing to spend more of their working time at home, which means they’ll also want the ease of being able to work out at home…”

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