NI tech firm launches platform to run fitness classes via zoom

  • Belfast-based tech firm TM3 had integrated Zoom with its TM3 Connect platform, allowing people to deliver large virtual fitness classes and remote consultations.

    TM3 added video integration to its Connect software back in April to help customers adapt to the Covid-19 lockdown. The software already included marketing integrations, a client portal, subscriptions, packages, and class manager, and was designed to be a complete end-to-end solution for consultation.

    While the video integration helped companies deliver one-to-one telehealth consultations, it wasn't suitable for large classes. The company has now integrated virtual meeting platform Zoom with its application to provide the possibility to running large classes and groups.

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    The platform is now suitable for running fitness classes, which may come in handy now that gyms have been forced to cancel all in-person group fitness classes.

    A TM3 representative said: "The traditional in-person model that the fitness and wellness industries were built on has suffered unprecedented disruption this year, disruption that looks set to continue for the foreseeable. As an inevitably long winter looms, virtual appointments and classes will be invaluable in ensuring both the survival and growth of clinics and studios throughout the colder months."

    Source: Written based on press release

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