NI tech start-up aims to improve employee morale and business performance

  • Photo: Mooqi creator and Vibrant Talent founder, Craig Thompson

    A new tech platform designed to improve workplace experiences for employees while boosting business performance for employers has been launched locally by management consultancy firm, Vibrant Talent.

    ‘Mooqi’ is the brainchild of founder Craig Thompson who, after an established career in talent acquisition and development, set his sights firmly on transforming the workplace and founded Vibrant Talent.

    The mobile and web-based employee experience platform sends notifications to an organisation’s staff members nearing the end of their shift to check how their day went.

    Workers can log their mood and what influenced it through a series of emojis and ‘mood factors’ and can optionally leave a comment.

    Managers can access real-time insights and bitesize learning content to shape their workplace culture.

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    Craig said: “Businesses spend a great deal of resources on hiring and developing new staff due to high attrition levels often exasperated by negative career experiences. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    “For most of us there is no one thing we will spend more time doing in our lives than working, with the average full-time employee committing over 90,000 hours.

    "Research also tells us if businesses truly care about their employees as people, not just workers, those people will deliver a much better return on the investment in their roles through higher performance, reduced absence and staying with the company longer. It’s better for employers and better for employees if we create better workplace experiences”.

    The Vibrant Talent team also say that businesses with an engaged, valued and motivated workforce are better performing, adding that the top 10 empathetic companies on the Empathy Index generated 50% more earnings per employee than the bottom 10 companies.

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    As the pandemic continues and home working practice becomes the norm, Craig believes workers need to feel connected to their companies and fellow colleagues more than ever. 

    “There is now a real risk of employees becoming lonely and isolated; something which impacts both performance and mental health," he said.

    "Mooqi can facilitate better human relationships and connections. Alongside our clients we analyse workplace trends, help them understand what’s going on and have constructive team meetings to review what’s working well, what could be better and how they can help each other have a positive experience of work. This is of benefit to staff and for the company in the long term”.

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