Belfast sports tech firm Kairos invests over £1m in R&D

  • Local sports technology firm Kairos has announced that it's invested over £1m in R&D to develop its digital sports platform and app further.

    Kairos was formed in 2018 by former Ulster Rugby professional Andrew Trimble and Digital DNA founder Gareth Quinn with the goal of digitally transforming athlete performance and training. The company's app allows sports clubs to manage schedules, physio sessions, and training, while collecting data on performance and health of its top athletes.

    The locally developed digital sports platform is currently in use by several major athletic teams in the UK, Ireland, and the US, including the Scottish National football team and Ulster Rugby. The firm has now announced that it's invested over £1m in R&D to further develop the platform.

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    A new project will expand the app's capabilities in the areas of wellness, analytics, and performance data tracking. Invest NI is providing £197,150 of R&D support towards the new project, adding to the £128,344 of direct Invest NI support the company has already recieved and funding through Techstart NI.

    Andrew Trimble, CEO and co-founder of Kairos, said: "Coming from an elite sporting background, I understand how important it is to focus on an individual player’s abilities, which can improve overall team performance. I have also had insight into the unique complexities of managing internal schedules and communication across team staff and players."

    Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI’s Director of Innovation, Research and Development, said: "We have been working with Kairos since it started and have helped it to create five jobs, develop its brand and business model, as well as invest in R&D. It has been great to see Kairos grow so quickly in just a few years. The company’s rapid success demonstrates how investment in R&D has the potential to develop new technologies to open opportunities in new markets and drive a company’s growth."

    Source: Written based on press release

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