Apple starts paying out settlements for throttling older iPhones

  • Apple has begun paying out in a class-action lawsuit about throttling older iPhones via software updates, but only for US-sold devices.

    If you've ever had an iPhone and felt like it mysteriously slowed down when a new model was released, you weren't imagining it. Back in 2017, Apple admitted to throttling the CPU on older iPhone models via software updates. It claimed that the throttling was necessary because the battery degrades over time and would be unable to output the correct voltage to supply the device, causing random shutdowns.

    A class-action lawsuit was filed in the US over the fact that Apple failed to communicate this information to customers resulting in thousands of people thinking their phones were too slow and many buying new phones as a result. The case was settled this March by an agreement for Apple for pay $500m US to everyone affected.

    A website has now launched allowing those affected by the case to stake their claim to $25 of the $500m settlement, but it's only for devices that were originally ordered and shipped to the US. While some people in the UK travelled to the US and bought new iPhones and so may be able to claim part of the deal, most UK buyers are not part of this settlement.

    Source: The Verge

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