NISRA statistics suggest the vast majority in NI are following Covid-19 guidelines

  • New NISRA statistics show that the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland are aware of and following current guidance on Covid-19.

    The Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA) has published the results of its first survey looking at the long-term impact Covid-19 has had on people in Northern Ireland. The NISRA Coronavirus Survey interviewed 925 members of the general public on how they're coping with the outbreak and what measures they're taking.

    Many of the previous statistics we've seen have all dealt with the first quarter of the year and only caught the start of the coronavirus lockdown at the end of March, but these stats were collected from April 21st to June 21st and so should be more representative of the general public as they are now.

    The results showed a remarkable cohesion between people in Northern Ireland, with 94% of people supporting the government's "Stay at Home" advice. Around 95% of respondents felt that they had received enough information on how to protect themselves from the virus and 95-99% reporting that they were aware of the currently NHS and official government advice. 

    The statistics also show that people are still very worried about the virus and a growing number are no longer hopeful for a quick resolution. Around 76% of people said they were very worried or somewhat worried about the effect of the pandemic on their lives, and 31% believe that it will be more than a year before life returns to normal -- with an additional 6% believing life will never return to normal.

    There was an understandable drop in reported wellbeing, life satisfaction, and happiness for this period, with anxiety levels higher than the baseline reported in surveys last year. About 42% of people reported feeling lonely, up from 35% in last year's figures. Despite this, around 96% of those surveyed said that people would be there for them if they needed help.

    Source: Written based on press release, NISRA stats


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