UK drone pilots must register by the end of November or face fines

  • New rules require users of drones or model aircraft above a certain weight to register with the Civil Aviation Authority by November 30th or risk action.

    Flying remote control drones and model aircraft has become a very popular hobby in recent years, with drones now being used in videography and even competitive flying sports. It can be a problematic technology, however, with drones becoming damaged and lost by owners or causing disruption by being flown into airports and around livestock.

    The UK government has now made it a requirement that all owners of drones or model aircraft weighing over 250g will have to register their details with the Civil Aviation Authority. A license to fly registered drones between 250g and 20k will cost £9 per year and users will need to be over 18 and pass a test on drone safety and law.

    The up-side of the new scheme is that it will enable to CAA to start a new "Drones Reunited" service for returning lost drones to their registered owners, an issue that's said to have affected around 25% of all drone pilots. The deadline to register is November 30th, after which time fines may be levied against unregistered owners.

    License exemptions have been granted to members of certain drone-flying organisations: The UK Drone Association (Arpas UK), the Large Model Association, FPV UK, the British Model Flying Association and the Scottish Aeromodellers' Association. Pilots of drones uner 250g will also not need to register.

    Source: BBC News, CAA Website

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