Neueda partners with Levyx to bring Python to the Big Data era

  • Financial tech firm Neueda has partnered with big data software provider Levyx Inc to bring its data processing capacity to the Python community via a new open source product.

    Back in June, Belfast-based capital market specialist Neueda took the surprising step of making its capital markets software available under an Open Source license. Rather than keeping its proprietary code secret, the company opted to release it publicly and started a dedicated Slack community to allow others in the FinTech industry to exchange ideas on how to use Neueda's SDK.

    Neueda has now partnered with big data software provier Levyx Inc to expand on its open source offering with a new Helium™–Python interface. This tool is now available to the Python community in Neueda's Blu Corner github respository and can be used by Python developers to efficiently analyse financial market data or be used in other data science projects.

    The interface resolves many of the issues surrounding accessing large data sets in Python, using a dictionary style data structure to allow simple access of terrabytes of data from a server rather than having to hold the entire data set in memory. It also handles concurrency issues without requiring the user to implement their own complex key system, allowing multiple programs to access the same dictionary.

    Neueda's MD of Capital Markets Colin Pattison commented on the need for this tool in Python: "Historically, Python implementations have involved handling large data sets inside current in-memory objects, which limits the language’s utility, particularly within the fast moving Fintech space. In fact, Fintech Python users regularly spend large amounts of time breaking up financial data sets into manageable sizes."

    Reza Sadri, CEO of Levyx, added: “We are pleased to work with Neueda on upgrading Python with an important new feature set, which enhances its enterprise-worthiness for Fintech users. Neueda’s customer platform is an excellent way to leverage these advances.”

    Source: Written based on press release

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