Belfast outranks Dublin as one of the top cities for women in business

  • Belfast has been named the 28th best city for women in business in the 2019 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index by Dell Technologies.

    The Women Entrepreneur Cities Index is published every two years by Dell Technologies, ranking 50 proven entrepreneur hub cities around the world based on a range of factors such as access to capital, technology, talent, culture, and markets. While the ranking reflects general suitability of the city for entrepreneurs, many of the indicators used have a gender-based component to better reflect the experience of female entrepreneurs.

    All 50 cities on the list made improvements from the 2017 study to the 2019 revision, but some cities improved more than others. Dublin rose four places to reach the 30th place, but Belfast has beaten Dublin for the first time by jumping eight places to reach the 28th spot. Belfast was also recognised as one of the top 10 most improved cities over the two year period.

    The San Francisco Bay Area topped the chart largely due to the world-leading tech scene and availability of easy-to-access capital, with New York coming in second and London third. The report highlights that progress has been made globally in the past two years as well as areas of potential improvement.

    Check out the full report for a breakdown of some interesting stats on the top cities for women in business worldwide.

    Source: Dell, via Irish Times

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