US bans Google from supplying tech to Huawei

  • Google has restricted Huawei's use of its Android operating system after the US government added the company to a list of banned firms that US companies can't supply technology to without a license.

    Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has been added to the United States Government's "entity list" of restricted companies. US tech companies can no longer supply Huawei with their technology without applying for and securing a license to do so, which could pose a serious problem for the company's future mobile phone releases and updates on existing devices.

    Huawei's consumer smartphones and tablets run on Google's Android operating system, and Google doesn't yet have the required license to continue doing business with the company. This means that Huawei's phones may not get the next version of Android when it's rolled out across current-generation smartphones, and there may be additional restrictions on how Huawei devices can use Android and Google apps.

    Certain apps from Google may not be allowed to be packaged with Huawei devices either, which could include the official YouTube app. Google reported that it was "complying with the order and reviewing the implications," and both Huawei and Google confirmed that security updates and updates to Google Play services would continue to be supported.

    This ban is the latest complication in the US's ongoing spat with Huawei over its involvement in supplying critical infrastructure for the 5G mobile network, which the US believes could give China access to conduct surveillance on US internet traffic. Several countries have followed the Untied States' lead in blocking Huawei infrastructure, while the UK has permitted Huawei to supply non-critical infrastructure for its 5G network.

    Source: BBC News

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