UK to let Huawei help build 5G network infrastructure

  • The UK Government has reportedly agreed to allow Huawei to supply equipment to help build the UK's 5G network infrastructure.

    Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei has had some difficulty getting approval for its equipment to be used in several countries around the world over ongoing security concerns. The issues kicked off last year in response to a law passed in China requiring all companies to co-operate in state intelligence operations, leading to fears that the company could be compelled to give its government access to snoop on its infrastructure.

    Huawei has been a key player in the development of parts of the next-generation 5G mobile data network, which promises speeds of up to 10,000Mbps and could theoretically could get response times of as low as 1 millisecond. The technology has been hailed as a key part of the world's digital future, providing the connectivity needed for Smart City initiatives and the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution.

    The United States issued bans on Huawei's equipment being used in their 5G infrastructure, and has called on the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to do the same. While Australia has sided with the US in this issue, the UK has been considering the issue and taking advice from both the cyber-security industries and the industries that would benefit from using 5G tech.

    The Daily Telegraph and BBC now report that the UK has now given Huawei the green light to build "non-core infrastructure" for the network, which would include antennas and other hardware but may not include any control systems.

    Source: BBC News, Daily Telegraph

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