Cemetery software firm PlotBox approaches $5m US in investment

  • Cemetery software and digital mapping start-up PlotBox is approaching $5m US in total investment as it seeks to reinvent the death care industry.

    When you think about industries that are undergoing digital transformation, cemeteries and crematoriums probably aren't top of your list. The death care industry is one that literally every person will have to interact with at some point, and yet many cemeteries around the world still rely on paper records or their own spreadsheets and ad-hoc computer systems that aren't built with modern software standards in mind.

    Northern Ireland headquartered start-up PlotBox has been attempting to transform the global death care sector with its software solution designed for all aspects of managing a cemetery. The software not only helps keep track of plot usage and maps out grave areas, but also includes contract management, scheduling, work order management, financial and accounting integrations, and a customer-facing website.

    The firm is headquartered in The ECOS Centre in Ballymena and has offices US-based offices in Boston, Austin, and San Francisco, employing a total of 44 people currently and with plans to expand that to 70 people throughout this year. The company has just announced that it's about to reach a significant milestone in equity funding, hitting $5m US in investment from various venture capital firms.

    The most recent round of funding raised over $2.6m from lead investor Par Equity LLP representing clients from the US and UK, including Techstart NI, Clarendon Fund Managers, and Ironbridge Capital.

    PlotBox CEO Sean McAllister was delighted to hit this major milestone, saying "We’re focussed on bringing new levels of product functionality, customer support and workflow transformation to cemeteries globally, this sets the scene for us to accelerate that and support our mission, to help take away some of the pain around dealing with death for families and those that serve them."

    Source: Written based on press release

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