The Electric Circle gathers Belfast’s green tech community for pioneering event

  • Plugable is set to hold upcoming event "The Electric Circle" on July 18 at Riddel Hall. The pioneering event is set to advance discussions on electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable living solutions, addressing widespread misinformation about green technologies.

    The event is being held in collaboration with Electric Vehicle Association of Northern Ireland(EVANI), Myenergi Ireland, Radius Vehicle Solutions, and DC EV.

    The event will feature a series of expert-led discussions by prominent figures in the green technology sector. Charlie Mainwaring from Ohme will address the future of home charging with smart meters and innovative plans. Ciaran O'Neill from Radius Vehicle Solutions will examine EV ownership options, focusing on leasing versus salary sacrifice schemes.

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    Mark Anderson from EVANI will discuss the EV landscape in Northern Ireland, while Noel Hynes from Myenergi will explain how to integrate solar energy with EV charging. Brittany Breslin will share insights on her experiences as a female EV driver. Additionally, Paul Clifford from DC EV and Tyler Benson will showcase Tesla's latest technologies and their applications in Ireland, demonstrating ongoing advancements in the EV sector. 

    Recent findings by The AA Ireland highlight a significant challenge: 50 per cent of the public remains sceptical about the environmental benefits of EVs compared to traditional vehicles, largely due to misinformation. "The Electric Circle" aims to counter these misconceptions by providing a platform where factual, reliable information is shared, empowering attendees with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

    Maebh Reynolds, CEO of Plugable, emphasized the event's critical role: "This gathering is more than just an informative session; it's a strategic move to empower the community through education and direct experience. By bringing together experts and enthusiasts, we're facilitating meaningful dialogues that drive the sustainable movement forward and help realign EV adoption trajectories."

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    We invite all interested individuals, whether seasoned EV enthusiasts or newcomers to green technology, to join us in transforming the dialogue around sustainable living. The day promises not only to enlighten but also to offer practical experiences, such as test drives of various EV models, including the latest from Tesla and the Citroen Ami.

    Register now to secure your place at "The Electric Circle," where innovation, education, and community engagement meet for a sustainable future.

    For more information and to register, visit

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