Local pioneering AI startup announces collaborative project aiming to revolutionise red squirrel conservation efforts

  • Genysys Engine, a local pioneering AI startup, has recently announced a collaborative research project named Project Red Haven.

    Partnering with organisations across the UK, including those in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales, the project aims to revolutionise red squirrel conservation efforts through the power of advanced artificial intelligence.

    Project Red Haven deploys Genysys Engine's cutting-edge squirrel agent, a sophisticated AI agent designed to automatically detect and identify red squirrels, grey squirrels, pine martens, and pox in real-world environments. The ultimate goal is to assign a unique ID to each red squirrel, enabling detailed population monitoring and tailored conservation strategies.

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    Benefits for the conservation efforts abound, including: reduced reliance on manual monitoring. The AI agent automates squirrel
    detection and classification, freeing staff and volunteers to focus on other crucial conservation activities.

    Enhanced data collection will also mean the agent provides valuable data on red squirrel populations, empowering organisations to make informed decisions and track conservation progress.

    Whilst streamlined workflows will save valuable time and resources, allowing organisations to maximise their impact.

    Genysys Engine is set to play a vital role in Project Red Haven, offering: advanced AI technology; comprehensive support;
    and regular data analysis with insightful reports.

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    Emma McClenaghan, CEO & Co Founder at Genysys Engine said: " The UK is a community and we must come together to give those who have domain expertise the tools they need to suceed. At Genysys Engine, we are not squirrel experts, but the organisations we are working with are.

    "We believe every child should have the opportunity to see a red squirrel when living in the UK and hopefully withProject Red Haven, they will."

    Genysys Engine is a pioneering AI startup dedicated to developing practical and personalised innovative solutions with real-world impact. Project Red Haven exemplifies their commitment to leveraging AI for environmental conservation.

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