AI-enhanced technology provides innovative medical imaging at new County Down health hub

  • Photo: Michael Leonard, HSL, Lisa Hughes, Mourne Scan Clinic and Geoffrey Buchanan, Mourne Scan Clinic

    County Down’s Mourne Scan Clinic, located in Newry, has recently partnered with Hospital Services Limited (HSL) – a leading supplier of integrated healthcare solutions specializing in the distribution of cutting-edge medical imaging devices – to implement advanced diagnostic services at its newly-launched private health hub and enable the clinic’s team to deliver improved patient services.

    This significant investment in state-of-the-art imaging technologies includes the Hologic Horizon W DXA Scanner and also marks Northern Ireland’s first Shimadzu Radspeed Fit X-ray system.

    This partnership between Mourne Scan Clinic and HSL represents a significant advancement in healthcare services for the Newry region, enhancing early detection and prevention, diagnostic accuracy, and patient care efficiency.

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    Hologic’s DXA System, a bone density scanner, plays a pivotal role in identifying and assessing the risk of osteoporosis, thereby enabling early intervention to prevent fractures. This service is crucial for high-risk groups including smokers, individuals over 50, and postmenopausal women, where osteoporosis risk is heightened.

    The challenge was in integrating both DXA and X-ray systems into an existing building with size constraints. Engaging with a single supplier for both technologies, HSL’s compact Shimadzu Radspeed Fit system overcame these limitations, ensuring full functionality within the available space for Mourne Scan Clinic.

    Commenting on the solution offered by HSL to Mourne Scan Clinic, HSL’s Chief Executive Dominic Walsh said: “We were delighted to partner with Mourne Scan Clinic to deliver an innovative solution that not only met their technical requirements for both the Hologic Horizon W and the Shimadzu Radspeed Fit systems, but also seamlessly fit within the existing footprint of the clinic layout.

    "Our collaboration ensures early detection, accurate diagnosis, and enhanced efficiency, ultimately improving patient services.

    "Through HSL’s ongoing support offering, we will continue to work closely with the Clinic’s team to ensure patients can benefit from an outstanding level of care through continued servicing, calibration, and maintenance of these advanced diagnostic systems.”

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    HSL’s installation of advanced diagnostic equipment has transformed patient care in Newry, focusing on patient education and engagement. The new services empower individuals to proactively manage their health, offering same-day appointments and unique walk-in services.

    For DXA scans, the entire process—from referral to report—is managed within five days. X-ray reports are available within an hour, allowing patients to relax while logistics are handled by the clinic.

    Lisa Hughes, Owner of Mourne Scan Clinic, commented on the streamlined patient experience resulting from the implementation of these new scanning technologies.

    She said: “Our cutting-edge X-ray and DXA systems, enhanced by advanced AI-supported software redefine the patient experience by offering same-day appointments and walk-in services. Referrals are required for both services, yet our ‘one-stop’ approach ensures seamless resolution for those without. We handle the logistics, allowing our patients to unwind in our newly renovated healthcare haven.”

    Pictured: Michael Leonard, Territory Manager, Diagnostic Imaging at HSL, Lisa Hughes, Owner, Mourne Scan Clinic & Geoffrey Buchanan, Site Lead Radiographer, Mourne Scan Clinic

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