Patrick Kielty to host Security First Conference at the ICC Belfast.

  • Patrick Kielty is one of the most recognisable names on TV, starting his comedy career whilst still a student at Queen's University, right here in Belfast! Paddy’s sardonic observations on life, Ireland, drinking, celebrities and politics will make for an unmissable Q&A with Loman McCaffrey, Business Development Director at Integrity360 to explore the complexities of our digital landscape.

    Integrity360 are delighted to announce the return of their annual Security First Conference to Belfast. Scheduled for May 16th, 2024, at the ICC Belfast, the event is FREE to attend and will provide local organisations with guidance on navigating the cyber world and how they can safeguard against threats and conduct business securely. Spaces are limited so register now if you would like to attend.

    Security First is designed for individuals tasked with protecting their organisations against cyber threats. It is ideal for professionals engaged in Cyber Security, IT Operations, Digital Transformation, Governance, Compliance, or Risk Management. The knowledge imparted by our team of cyber security experts will be invaluable to those at the helm of their organisation’s security strategies.

    The event will address major themes impacting the cybersecurity industry, such as managing threat exposure, fortifying organisational resilience, and dissecting the role of AI in cybersecurity. Every session is designed to translate complex cybersecurity challenges into practical, actionable solutions.

    Participants at the conference can look forward to a dynamic agenda that includes:

    Expert-Led Panels and Keynotes: These sessions will feature insights from thought leaders in the cybersecurity field, discussing the latest trends and protective measures.

    Speakers include:

    Lorraine Harrison, IT Director, Graham

    Brian Roche, former Head of IT for Wrightbus & Belfast Airport

    Dr Louise O'Hagan, Cyber Awareness Ireland

    Joe McCAllion, Head of IT, Belfast Harbour

    Keith A. Lippert, Former VP & Dept. CISO of The Allstate Corporation

    A key segment of the conference will focus on the pivotal role of AI in cybersecurity. This includes its potential to enhance threat detection and response, the risks associated with AI-powered cyber-attacks, and the ethical implications of AI technologies. AI’s profound and double-edged influence in cybersecurity makes it essential for professionals to understand and anticipate its impacts.

    The conference will also show how organisations should manage their Threat Exposure. Learn from in-house and leading industry experts about the latest strategies and tools designed to mitigate risks in modern cloud-integrated IT environments, with discussions focusing on practical solutions to reduce vulnerability and secure your organisation against digital threats.

    Fortifying organisational resilience is another major topic. Attendees will discover how to build systems and cultures that are not only resistant to cyber-attacks but are also equipped for swift and efficient response and recovery. Our panel of experts will share real-world experiences and strategies to enhance your organisational resilience.

    Attending the Integrity360 Security First Conference in Belfast is a great opportunity to keep pace with the most pressing cybersecurity trends. As the complexity of the digital world escalates, the insights and networks fostered at the conference will be critical in navigating and overcoming future cybersecurity challenges.

    We invite you to join us in Belfast on May 16th, where you will gain not just knowledge but also the tools and connections to influence the future of cybersecurity. Whether you are looking to bolster your defences, streamline your operations, or navigate the complex implications of AI, Integrity360’s Security First Conference will provide you with the resources and insights needed to succeed.

    For registration and more information, visit the Integrity360 Security First Conference Registration page at:

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