Bioskills NE Forms Strategic Partnership with Axial3D to Pioneer Advanced 3D Imaging Solutions in Medical Education

  • Bioskills NE, an all-inclusive, state-of-the-art facility tailor-made to support companies interested in teaching, training, research and collaboration ventures, has announced a strategic collaboration with Axial3D, a global leader in innovative medical 3D imaging solutions.

    This partnership aims to introduce a suite of services that leverage state-of-the-art 3D imaging and modeling technologies, to redefine medical education through advanced surgery planning, groundbreaking simulations, and immersive experiences. The collaborative effort is designed to empower medical device companies and surgical teams in hospitals to establish an elevated standard of care.

    At the core of this partnership lies a dedication to harnessing the transformative potential of 3D imaging and modeling to enhance medical education and revolutionize surgical practices, by combining Axial3D's expertise in transforming 2D images into highly detailed 3D models with Bioskills NE's excellence in operating a state-of-the-art surgical training center. 

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    Alex Kouspakian, CEO of Bioskills NE, commented, "Through our collaboration with Axial3D, we are positioned to revolutionize the medical education sector by introducing innovative services that leverage the power of 3D imaging and modeling. This partnership is aligned with our mission to equip our customers with the tools necessary to establish new standards of care."

    Roger Johnston, CEO of Axial3D, expressed his commitment to the partnership, stating, "We are genuinely inspired by Bioskills NE's mission and are delighted to partner with their esteemed team. Together, we aspire to usher in a new era of medical education and surgical practices."

    The collaboration will provide novel approaches to surgery planning, leveraging advanced 3D imaging technologies, enabling medical professionals to plan surgeries with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Additionally, the partnership will offer realistic and immersive simulations for medical professionals to refine their skills and enhance decision-making abilities. The integration of Axial3D's patient-specific 3D models into Bioskills NE's educational curriculum not only elevates the quality of training but also translates into improved real-world outcomes.

    Source: Written from press release 

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