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Data is key to managing and thriving in this new eCommerce world, says IRP Commerce CCO

  • Written by Philip Macartney, Chief Commercial Officer at IRP Commerce and headline Sponsor of eComm Live 2022 in Belfast.

    Do you remember thinking the COVID lockdown would last a few weeks? Do you remember the first time you saw someone wearing a mask in the shops? Do you remember clapping outside your door every Thursday? It seems now, we are emerging slightly dazed from a generationally defining two years. As we move into a new era post pandemic, we are all wondering what the next few years will bring in terms of threats and opportunities.

    Ecommerce was one of the shining lights in the dark days of lockdowns. The infrastructure of ecommerce rose to allow high street shops the chance to continue, local restaurants the chance to serve and all of us a safer and more convenient way to get the goods that we wanted.

    Now that we can all go out again, now that lockdowns are a thing of the past (we hope!), now that we are in the endgame of COVID, what should become of ecommerce - is it a passing fad of lockdowns, are we in a new normal of ecommerce dominance and if ecommerce is taking a new role in society, how do the average SMEs out there succeed and thrive in this new world?

    All of the indicators that we see through IRP ecommerce trading data and various studies conducted throughout the world point to a new high watermark in ecommerce trading forged by the pandemic and the lockdowns. Ecommerce has broken free of its shackles and the indicators are that not only is ecommerce becoming a more viable way for people to shop, but in some cases it is looking to be the only way people shop for certain goods and services.

    While this increased level of trade seems to be great for customers and merchants alike, the increased trade has created a problem. Profit. The inefficiencies baked into ecommerce pre-pandemic did not have the right time to rectify themselves so the sharp acceleration of the industry over the last two years has accentuated the legacy problems.

    There is a limited amount of time now for the average ecommerce merchant to discover how to manage and thrive in this new ecommerce world of 2022. While the data points to glaring threats, the opportunity for the right type of merchant is there also in very stark terms. Merchants must now look to adjust their sights and attitudes and discover a new way of doing ecommerce.

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