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ANGOKA looking forward to busy summer

  • Written by the team at ANGOKA

    The first half of the year has brought a myriad of opportunities to the team at ANGOKA as they push forward innovation to create secure and safe Smart Cities.

    Recently featured in Digital DNA’s Top 100 Tech Companies in Northern Ireland and in JP Morgan’s Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses report, ANGOKA has made great strides so far in 2021. Our team has grown, and we are still actively contributing to our three Innovate UK-funded projects. We also successfully completed Zenzic’s Connected and Autonomous Mobility Scale-Up programme, where we were able to test several of our solutions at testbeds across the UK.

    Additionally, our CEO, Yuri Andersson, has spoken at events such as the Digital Aviation Conference and on Innovation Martlesham’s podcast.

    We’re also continuing to grow internationally, with help from TechNation’s Asia Expansion programme, delivered by Intralink, and by participating in Plug & Play’s Smart Cities programme (based in California).

    ANGOKA will also be present at several upcoming events, including JSAE 2021, where we will be virtually sharing our expertise in cybersecurity for Smart Cities and Mobility. Though events remain virtual for the time being, we are looking forward to hopefully participating in some physical conferences and events when regulations allow.

    We are excited to see what the second half of the year brings, from new team members to new opportunities. The time to consider cybersecurity for Smart Cities and Mobility is now – and we’re pleased to share our innovations and expertise to secure the Smart Cities of the future.

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