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Version 1: Keeping up remote working momentum

  • Written by Version 1’s Fernanda Valeiro Soares

    As remote working needs continue, most employees are now getting used to their office also being their own home.

    For several people, the benefits of working from home have been a productivity booster, giving them a more flexible schedule, no office distractions, saving time in traffic jams and spending less money than they would have on dining out. However, as the weeks continue to tick on it is important to keep up the momentum for this new norm.

    I’m lucky that my employer, Version 1, always has flexibility at its core, so establishing a new way of working that benefits me has not been a problem. But what can you do yourself to stay driven during these repetitive days? 

    Below are some tips and strategies that the Version 1 team has been using to stay productive over the past few weeks.

    Implement a Work Routine
    I found it hard to establish a new routine for the first few weeks, but it is very beneficial to put a shape around your day. Be sure to take regular breaks and enjoy a change of scenery in another room for a few minutes to re-charge your productivity.

    - Comfortable Workspace
    While you might have gotten away with working from home on the sofa for a few weeks, a good desk chair can help to maintain proper posture and prevent aches and pains in the long run. Consider investing soon if you haven't already. 

    Stay Connected
    Social distancing and self-isolation can be hard to deal with. Adapting to this new situation and maintaining a connection with your team by choosing to make calls rather than sending emails is important. Seeing someone’s face really can make a huge difference to your mental wellbeing and you feel more connected. Work on the same schedule as your team where possible, and use things like coffee breaks as a catch-up time.

    Get Some Fresh Air
    Sometimes it’s helpful to open the windows to let in as much natural daylight and fresh air as possible; it helps to strengthen your immune system, gives you more energy, a sharper mind, improves blood pressure and heart rate. Consider taking some short walks if you are permitted to do so.

    Don’t Forget About Wellbeing
    As a certified Healthy Place to Work, Version 1 has been working to engaging our employees in a variety of initiatives designed to promote a greater sense of wellbeing. Examples you can copy include channels on Microsoft Teams to share ideas to inspire each other in many areas such as gaming, new recipes, exercises, music and movies. We are also providing our employees with some wellbeing "lunch and learn" sessions to share an informative and interactive talks around health-related topics.

    Looking after our mental health and wellbeing is so important right now. Version 1 is constantly providing us with the tools, advice and support that we need to work in our current environment. As a mother with a young child I find the group chats, MS Teams channels, regular updates and remote engagement provided by Version 1 and our local office has really helped me stay in touch with my colleagues and friends.” Ciara Havlin - Software Developer at Version 1.

    Working from home is challenging for the majority of people, but until Covid-19 is under control, small adjustments like those listed above can really help to keep your momentum high.

    In addition, having comfortable work clothes, creating regular checklists and working with your manager to identify key areas of improvement can also help. Don’t forget to implement a personal wellbeing routine as well; it’s so important to take care of yourself right now too. If everyone can keep up the momentum and adapt in this situation, we will overcome it in the best way and keep moving forward for a productive future.

    Need more remote working tips? Version 1 has developed a ‘’Quick-Start Guide to Remote Working’’ guide, which can be downloaded for free here. 

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