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Six hobbies you can make a career from

  • By Dakota Murphey

    We often think that our personal lives and our professional lives are entirely separate – but wouldn’t it be fantastic to make money from something that you already love doing? You might be surprised to find out that many of your favourite hobbies can be turned into work, and even into a fully-fledged career. Here we take a look at six hobbies that you could turn into employment.

    1. Graphic design

    Drawing, painting and being creative are some of the most popular hobbies, so it’s pleasing to know that they also have a practical application. If you have graphics skills this can be a very easy way to make money – and there are various ways to do it.

    It could be that you just want to pick up one-off tasks every so often; in this case, there are plenty of sites like Fiverr which allow you to promote your services. Alternatively, you can pick up many part-time or even full-time graphic design positions as long as you have the skills in the programmes that employers are looking for.

    1. Travelling

    Everyone loves going on holiday – but if you are a voracious traveller then you might be able to turn this passion into a career. Visiting multiple countries every year can give you the opportunity to share and earn from the content you put out; when you are getting enough hits on your blog you can even monetise it to earn a steady stream of income.

    1. Pet sitting

    For many people, there is no better activity than playing with a dog or cat, and enjoying their company. If you have a natural affinity for animals then you might like to consider pet sitting or dog walking as a way of making money.

    Pet sitters can provide a wide range of services – this might be as simple as boarding pets whilst their owners are away, or simple grooming once a week. Once again, this can come down to your own personal preference.

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    1. Handmade items

    If you are a creative type who likes to make DIY crafts and handmade items – this can be one of the easiest hobbies to turn into a simple business. This is firstly because handmade personalised objects can be easily managed into terms of stock and shopping, but also due to the range of places that these sorts of items can be sold.

    Etsy, eBay, and even Facebook Marketplace are all becoming very popular places to sell custom made items, and you’ll find a ready-made audience who may well be receptive to the products that you are creating. Why not setup a profile, and see if there’s a market for the items you like to make in your spare time?

    1. Photography

    If you are a keen photographer who likes to go out in their free time and snap incredible shots, you might be surprised at the market out there for them. The first, and most obvious step is to create a website to show off your portfolio of photography skills – but there are also many other ways that you can financially benefit from your photos.

    Firstly, you can look into selling stock photos to the range of providers. Alternatively, you might like to look into promoting your pieces so that you can get freelance work, either taking the photos yourself, or editing those taken by others.

    (c) Pexels

    1. Gardening

    Got green fingers? Gardening is certainly a skill, but it’s also something that you learn with time and passion. And if you love nothing more than getting out into your garden, and making it look fantastic, then you might be able to turn this outdoor hobby into a paying job.

    There are many ways to make money from gardening – selling plants, herbs, or even seeds could be a great option. Additionally, you could also get freelance work tidying up and trimming gardens. From there you can develop your business.

    Final Thoughts…

    You might be surprised at just how many hobbies can be turned into paying work. If none of the hobbies above are things you are interested in, you can find employment opportunities in everything from writing, cooking, and even video gaming. So, see if you can find a job that revolves around your passion.

    Dakota Murphey has a wealth of experience in business management and has previously worked as a business growth consultant for over 10 years. She now enjoys sharing her knowledge through her writing and connecting with other like-minded professionals. Find out what else she's been up to on Twitter: @Dakota_Murphey


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