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Five tech companies making waves in the NI technology world

  • As the tech industry continues to thrive and more revolutionary opportunities are now regularly coming to the surface, new tech start-ups have been pushing our technological capabilities further than ever before. Sync NI's Jamie Gordon has put together a list of five amazing tech start-ups that are making waves in Northern Ireland and the entire technology world. From brain health research to non-invasive neurostimulation products, these five start-ups are ahead of the curve.

    #1 - BrainWaveBank
    BrainWaveBank is a brain health research company, and its mission is to transform how cognitive illness is diagnosed and treated so that people can live longer, healthier and more connected lives. The team has successfully created a wearable that works in conjunction with a user’s smartphone to monitor brain activity, and daily brain health is measured through this wearable as the individual engages in a short video game session.

    Through the usage of machine learning and other technologies, brain health is recorded over time and divided into lifestyle factors such as: personal cognitive health, lifestyle patterns and long-term brain performance. BrainWaveBank will use this accumulated data to provide knowledge of the long- and short-term performance effects of sleep, medication and dieting. The platform developed has the capacity to accumulate data from thousands of individuals, storing and analysing that data. The data can be used to provide personalised insights into cognitive health and develop new therapies through the accumulation of group level data.

    The team at BrainWaveBank is made up of 20 engineers, scientists, commercialisation experts. They come from a broad range of degree backgrounds in computational neuroscience, data science and engineering. The versatile team makes for a diverse range of skill sets and specialities, which enriches the team. The organisation has managed to raise one million so far in funding from TechStartNI and Angel CoFund.

    BrainWaveBank Website | BrainWaveBank Twitter

    #2 - Machine Eye
    Machine Eye is an award-winning new safety device for tractors, plants and heavy machinery that recognises human behaviour through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This product recognises human movement around the machine to predict when an accident may occur and controls the machine to prevent accidental dangerous contact with by-standers.

    The product developed provides the operator of the machine with increased situational awareness and aims to decrease the level of accidents that may incur. Through the power of technology, Machine Eye takes control, isolating the machine and removing risk. This product is making a real difference as it is saving accidents from incurring, this start-up is using the power of technology to improve the quality of life.

    Brendan Digney is the force behind this innovation, which began as a research paper conducted by electronic engineers in Queens University. A safe working environment is never guaranteed, and this organisation is focusing on providing affordable safety for large/small contractors. The product might be in its final stages, but Brendan is hopeful that the product long term becomes a staple product for all machinery owners. Machine Eye has not gone unnoticed as it was the winner in the electronics category at the Invent Awards 2018, aswell as the award for best safety innovation at Innovation Arena which was ran by Enterprise Ireland.

    Machine Eye Website | Machine Eye Twitter

    #3 - Neurovalens
    Neurovalens is a global health-tech company that creates non-invasive neurostimulation products used to solve some of the world’s greatest health challenges. The start-up is seeking to improve the lives of those that suffer from neurological issues. Neurovalens has launched Modius in August 2017, which was designed to help improve the quality of life of those who struggle with their weight through neuro technology making weight loss easier.

    Since being founded, numerous awards including: Best New Concept of Innovation at the Yahoo Sports Technology Awards 2018 and the CES Innovation Award 2018 have been won. Neurovalens believe in marrying technology and science together to tremendously improve the lives of billions of people across the world. The passionate and driven team provides neuro technology that will help solve the key health problems of our generation.

    The co-founders of Neurovalens seeked to create a wearable product, despite originally being a company with a headcount of 2, avidly looked for a firm capable of complementing their medical expertise by providing comprehensive design and development. The team has won several awards for its work, including Digital DNA start-up of the year 2018, Barclay’s start- up entrepreneur of the year 2018 and CES Innovation Award 2018. This company is off to a very positive start!

    Neurovalens Website | NeuroValens Linkedin

    #4 - Sensum
    Sensum technology gives you the capability to measure and understand human emotions, physiology and behaviour – for smarter mobility, people and places. Sensum is a world leader in understanding emotions "in the wild," where people live their lives, and specialists in solutions for the mobility/automotive industry. Sensum technology operates on a model of multimodal sensor fusion – analysing data from a wide range of sources including biometric and physiological.

    There are three main realms of Sensum: art, science and society. Sensum began as a transmedia production company and storytelling remains an integral part of what they do, so the company is continually seeking to cultivate our ability to illustrate emotions in ways that people can understand intuitively, staying true to the underlying technicalities of being an emotional being. Everything starts with the science, placing massive value on taking a rigorous and technical approach to the work conducted.

    Sensum have collaborated closely with the scientific community, including partnerships with respected institutions such as Queens University Belfast. The products are based on academic best-practice as a result of this community alignment. The people at Sensum view themselves as ethic pioneers as they operate in the new world of empathetic technology.

    In 2017, Sensum created a full suite of products for interfacing with their market leading emotion AI processing engines. At the same time, the company explored the future of travel and transportation through empathic human-machine interaction, entering the age of autonomous and connected technology.

    Sensum Website | Sensum Twitter

    #1 - Uleska
    The next generation of software security solutions is being built at Uleska, a company producing software security consulting and training specific to their customers' needs. Its flagship product, Secure Design, automatically inserts cybersecurity protections into your software during development, handling compliance with all relevant security regulations.

    Secure Design not only empowers software teams to proactively handle software security, but it has the power to save the time and money of organisations by reducing the need for consultants running vulnerability scans. Uleska Ltd. technologies also produce auto-generated test-scripts, which will provide assurance against your company’s security stance.

    Uleska is aware of the ever-changing information security regulation changes brings to organisations, so the company works to produce a proactive, agile security product that enables security tools as opposed to controlling them. The team's hard work has not gone unnoticed as they have been winners of the Enterprise Software category in the Invent 2017 competition. Congrats!

    Uleska Website | Uleska Linkedin

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