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  • Apprentices in Action

    Helping shape tomorrow’s talent, Fujitsu has worked in partnership with Belfast Metropolitan College and North West Regional College (NWRC) since 2012 to provide its range of apprenticeship programs.

    A total of eight apprenticeships in Northern Ireland are due to take part in this year’s program which provides a way to study and learn. As well as taking part in the training process, apprentices immediately become a part of the Junior Talent network in Fujitsu.

    We caught up with past and present apprentices to hear about their experiences:

    Gavin Medhurst

    “I applied for the Fujitsu Apprenticeship program because I wanted to improve on my skills without having all of the extra university fees to pay. Fujitsu provided the perfect balance between training and working. The training days were extremely useful and the team were always on hand to take the pressure off and allows you to apply the skills you learn to your role.  Since completing my apprenticeship, I’m proud to say I’ve since become a Junior Developer.”

    Mahitha Nalasani

    “I started my apprenticeship with Fujitsu back in November and have loved every minute of it. I really wanted to gain some meaningful experience with an organisation whilst upskilling, so the Fujitsu Apprenticeship was perfect. I get to work on and gain experience in so many different processes.  I still have a couple of years to go until I complete my Apprenticeship in November 2024 so I hope to progress with learning about cloud application, automation testing and scripting.”

    Mateusz Bubacz

    “I’d highly recommended the Fujitsu Apprenticeship program. I applied initially because of the mixed offering it provided, the blend between working and college appealed to me and allowed me to gain proper experience which really appealed to me. It’s also great how flexible Fujitsu and the team are to your needs, allocating training and study days helping you progress further in your role is something I enjoyed.  I’m currently working on software development taking part in a course, which I am enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. My original plan was to progress with automation testing but since being involved with software development, it’s made my decision that little bit harder.”

    Through Fujitsu’s apprenticeship programme, students receive extensive mentorship and hands-on, practical learning experiences, where they will gain invaluable knowledge and expertise on key digital areas such as cloud application development and networking infrastructure. Alongside this, students benefit from a two-year development programme, which offers courses in leadership and business awareness, plus additional courses of their choosing.

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