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Tech Trailblazers: Juan Biazoto

  • Name: Juan Biazoto

    Job title: Software Engineer at PEAK6 Investments (Belfast) 

    What does your typical day look like? What are you currently working on? 

    I start my day looking into all the open Pull Requests that my peers have, if its Monday/Wednesday/Friday I join the Coffee Morning call to chat and share some laughs early in the morning, after that that I go back to work on my Jiras and if I have any doubts/questions or something I want to change on it I can open a call and chat with anyone inside or outside my team and everyone is open minded and tries their best to understand and help me. 

    Everyone in Peak6 is really helpful and willing to teach you or hear your opinions. 

    What inspired you to join this company in particular? 

    The tech stack, the culture and most important of all the people that I work with, everyone cares about what we do and the value we add to our clients. 

    Did you always want to work in the tech industry? 

    Yes, on my teenage years back in Brazil I made a Pascal course back in my school and I enjoyed it so much, since that day I decided to focus my attention and become a Software Engineer. 

    What’s your favourite part about your work? 

    That we challenge each other every day to find the best solutions and that the solutions we come with reflect on the clients in a positive way. 

    What would you say to other people considering a job in the tech industry?

    The tech industry changes all the time so it's important to read, study and pay attention to all the new tech innovations. 

    How do you see this technology impacting on our lives? 

    In our world it's impossible to live without technology and that is why it keeps changing, the engineers are always trying to improve, change and create  new technologies to improve life and well-being for everyone. 

    Who inspired you to work in this field? 

    My father, he used to code for fun after work hours and he was the one that inspired me to start. 

    What do you consider to be the most important tech innovation or development in recent years? 

    For me the most important tech innovation would be Artificial Intelligence, it's still so new and full of possibilities that is exciting and scary  at the same time. 

    What tech gadget could you not live without? 

    I would say my mobile phone and smart watch. 

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