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Tech Trailblazers: Scarlett Dennison

  • Name: Scarlett Dennison

    Role: Senior QA Software Engineer at Bazaarvoice

    What does your typical day look like?

    Investigating both new and well established features through a range of testing methods such as automated UI, performance, exploratory and security testing.

    What are you currently working on?

    Currently i’m working across a couple of different projects using a variety of tools in order to ensure that the software we produce is of the highest quality for our users.

    What inspired you to join this company in particular?

    I liked the ethos of Bazaarvoice. They place a huge importance on personal development. There are a lot of opportunities for growth and to learn from those around you.

    Did you always want to work in this industry (tech)?

    I’ve always been interested in tech from a young age. I don’t think I knew that I wanted to work in software testing until I studied a software testing module in University and found it really interesting.

    What’s your favourite part about your work?

    I enjoy that the work I do is so varied. The great thing about my work right now is that we have a lot of control on what we do. Our opinions are trusted and always taken into account.

    What would you say to other people considering a job in this industry (tech)?

    I’d definitely recommend a job in the tech industry. I think it’s an industry which is only going to continue to grow and so it’s always a good time to get involved because there is always something to learn.

    Who inspired you to work in this field?

    To be honest I was inspired by tech as a whole. I always liked new gadgets and found them really interesting to learn about. I think it’s great that there are so many inspiring people in this industry now acting as a role model for others.

    What tech gadget could you not live without?

    I heavily rely on the reversing camera in my car, not sure I could live without it now.


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