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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Closing Date

2022-02-28 00:00:00


Senior Development Manager

  • The Senior Development Manager will play a significant role as part of a wider leadership team.
    You  will drive team performance through product delivery to meet business needs. You will develop effective teams of skilled professionals providing direction and coaching of agile working practices. You will build strong relationships engaging with peers and other colleagues working to common purposes from within the IT function and the wider business.
    You will be expected to understand the business needs and lead your team to support delivery of the Product Roadmap. The role will provide technical oversight and direction interfacing with the other development practices across the function.

    About You:

      • You’ll be an excellent leader, communicator, innovative and self-motivated, with a positive approach to teamwork. Working to shape and encourage those who have the skills to build software solutions within a Product Development practice. 
      • You will have experience of working in an agile software development environment and have a strong understanding of technologies used. You will challenge appropriately to create opportunities for improvement, identifying and managing risk.
      • You will have an analytical approach and have experience of evaluating capability needs and suitability of initiatives against the strategy.
      • You’ll be exceptionally well organised and drive a high standard of output for yourself and team. You’ll be responsible for high level resourcing plans, including recruitment and performance reporting within the Function.
      • You will have the ability to challenge effectively and constructively, whilst driving good practice, both personally and with your colleagues, ensuring clear, well-informed and focused presentation of output to key stakeholders and clients at varying levels.

    Role & Responsibilities:

      • Leading & developing peopleLead the recruitment and hiring of new team membersProvide mentorship and career development advice and guidance.
      • This mentorship should include both technical mentorship, as well as soft-skills and other aspects of being effective and successful in a development organization.
      • Partner with and support people planning and managing their skills development and training.
      • Think carefully about areas where their skills need greatest development, or where the most opportunity for improvement exists; work with the person to identify appropriate training; and obtain budget and time allowance to complete it. 
      • Stay up to date on industry news. Be knowledgeable about developments from our company, our competitors, and our largest customers.
      • Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting, including anticipating future people requirements, skills development and training needs, facilities, tools and technologies required, hardware and travel.
      • Provide performance feedback and complete performance evaluations for the team.
      • Informal performance feedback should be provided on a frequent basis, focused on recognition for achievement, and opportunities for growth. 
    Support Product Teams:
    • Provide input to the Product Owner on the product strategy and vision, and give feedback to the Product Owner on the content and prioritization of the Product Backlog. 
    • Provide support and assistance to Product teams.
    • Be prompt and proactive in helping remove impediments that are harming teams’ ability to be effective.
    • Actively protect Teams from disturbance, disruption, or outside interference.
    •  Be available to provide advice and assistance to Teams on technical difficulties that arise in the course of doing their work. 
    • Identify issues to Teams that they might overlook, such as scalability, performance, security, compliance, operational readiness, etc. 
    • Stay current in the development tools and technologies that Teams are using. 
    • Provide support to the Product Team. 
    • This includes working with the Product Owner to manage and prioritize the product backlog, technical concepts and CSAT support.