Job Details


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Closing Date

2022-02-28 00:00:00


Machine Learning Engineer

  • In Bazaarvoice, Machine Learning Engineers are the end-to-end custodians of AI/ML projects, involved through early discovery to production software delivery. This role will involve collaboration with multi-skilled product teams and beyond to develop AI/ML driven solutions that have the potential to generate business value for the company while delighting our customers.

    Essential Criteria

      • 3+ years experience in leveraging Data Science and AI/ML frameworks to ingest and prepare data to build AI/ML models.
      • Proficient in contributing to technical project direction in a collaborative team environment. Including but not limited to architecture, estimation and developing requirements.
      • Experience contributing to or leading open ended discoveries, with a proven ability to unearth high quality AI/ML opportunities for customers and/or product teams.
      • An appreciation for the importance of robust testing procedures and repeatable processes in the creation of AI/ML models.
      • Proficient in communicating complex information to non technical stakeholders, framing information first and foremost through the lens of business value.
      • Proven ability to apply software engineering best practices, including but not limited to an embrace of documentation, versioning (data and code) and writing modular, well designed software.

    Desirable Criteria

      • Experience building software using cloud platforms, ideally AWS.
      • Experience experimenting with or building solutions that leverage NLP and Computer Vision techniques.
      • Experience actively monitoring and acting upon the technology advancements in the AI/ML landscape.
      • An awareness of the importance of CI/CD and proven experience using CI/CD tooling (Jenkins, Github Actions).
      • An awareness of ‘ML Ops’ and its importance for the development, deployment and maintenance of AI/ML models.
      • Awareness of the benefits of software observability techniques and tools (such as Datadog).