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Belfast, Northern Ireland


Cognitive Science Engineer NLP

  • Team Context

    We are building a new team at the leading edge of cognitive science and engineering and we are looking for dynamic, inquisitive individuals to help us grow our expertise in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning specifically in the field of Semantic and Linguistic modelling for Natural Language Processing. We are looking for collaborative individuals to help us create a data practice working to turn cognitive experimentation into actual beneficial outcomes for our customers. If that sounds like you then keep on reading.

    Our Cognitive Science & Engineering team will take the lead on exploring new insights from our data that benefit the customer and Aflac to provide the building blocks for new products, benefits and offerings within the industry. This will involve data discovery, algorithmic and model development and will contribute to the consolidation and enrichment of our existing data models.

    This high-performing team will operate within a protected experimentation environment with the freedom to explore, develop and learn new insights to prototype and pilot new designs to improve human / machine interaction creating deeper insights for our customers. As a team they will lead on data discovery, collaborating with US colleagues, hypothesising and solving complex problems, adopting AI and ML modelling techniques.  This unique group of cognitive thinkers will work on some of the biggest problems for the company and help us to better serve our 50 million policy holders.

    Role Context

    We want open-minded free-thinking Cognitive Science & Engineering specialists who enjoy solving complex data driven problems within a team environment. We are looking for people who are motivated and driven to look at problems through a different lens, think “oh that’s funny and interesting” challenge the status quo and educate leadership on the power behind the data which insurance companies hold.

    In joining this unique team, you will have the opportunity to drive disruptive and market-leading solutions for the world of medical insurance, providing tailored and customer centric solutions for policyholders, agents and employees, as well as have a lot of freedom and fun in the process.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Be curious, have a questioning mindset and help build a team of unique cognitive engineers to find new insights and prove business value from our data.
    • Freely experiment from conception to prototype, working with in-house engineering teams and third parties to iterate and test model assumptions.
    • Motivate and support the rest of the team as they gather insights and build and train new data models.
    • Work with the data solutions architect to plan how best to turn insights into products from pilot to production.
    • Develop strong working relationships with the US Data Strategy lead to maximise the outcomes of the team and the impact to customers.  
    • Solve complex problems in a collaborative and open learning environment
    • Listening to the inputs of others and working towards the best solution that maximises the value to the policyholder, without ego or prejudice

    Skills and experience

    Below is an overview of the skills and experience we are looking for, but remember, don’t rule yourself out if you don’t have everything on the list – it’s your intellect and your attitude we’re really after. 


    • Bachelor’s degree. Comparable commercial experience may also be considered
    • Experience in data science using a range of data technologies 
    • Strong analytical, statistical experience is required
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) semantic data architectures, concepts and applications experience
    • Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization and Graph theory
    • Familiarity with Distributional and Multi-modal semantic modelling
    • Deep learning and neural nets
    • AI fundamentals (CNN, RNN, Cognitive Architecture, Deep Learning, Knowledge graphs)
    • Experience/Knowledge in Machine Learning/ Semantic analysis
    • Familiar with cloud-based technologies (AWS, Azure or GCP)
    • Experience programming in one or more of the following: Python, R, C, C++, Scala.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
    • General data engineering principles and data architecture knowledge


    • Masters or PhD in a STEM discipline
    • Relevant academic or professional research
    • Experience working and collaborating in teams particularly in the data space

    So that’s us. Thanks for taking the time to read this far (pretty impressive in the era of the 280-character tweet). We look forward to hearing from you if you fancy joining a new tech innovation company with the agility of a start-up and the stability of a Fortune 500 U.S. company. 

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