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Belfast, Northern Ireland


DevOps Engineer

  • Team Context

    We are building a new team that will be charged with driving strategic change across the Digital Services organisation within Aflac.  The DevOps strategy will enable developers across our Agile teams to build pipelines that will automate the elevation and release process, leverage test-automation capabilities, and shift gears as we move to an increasing number of Cloud platforms.  The investment in this technology will ensure that we are delivering exceptional experiences for our 50 million policyholders.

    But it’s not just a technology change; it’s a mindset change.  Pivoting an organisation towards a new way of doing things, requires a passion for progress and a determination to eradicate manual effort.  And so, we will be building a team of DevOps experts who love the technology, but more importantly can instil the following core principles into Agile teams:

    • Always focusing on improving flow
    • Shifting left on team feedback loops
    • Embedding a culture of continuous learning and experimentation

    We’ll be using a range of different tools and technologies, and the goal is to empower our developers to develop, build, test, and deploy their code in a frictionless way.  We want them to be masters of their own destiny and avoid relying on countless invisible teams to perform tasks on their behalf.  The aim is to coach and guide our development teams to harness the power of the tools at their disposal; help them identify the pain-points and solve the issues themselves; give them a kickstart and then let them run.

    The team will spend dedicated time with Agile development teams in Northern Ireland and in the US, delivering workshops and dojos that will provide demonstrable change in just a few days.  The DevOps strategy at Aflac is building momentum and delivering value, and now we need to accelerate the effort with a new high-performing team in Belfast that will bring it to a new level.  Should be fun!

    Role Context

    We are looking for an experienced DevOps professional who know how to maximise the potential of DevOps tools and technologies so that Development teams can streamline their integration and deployment processes.  Someone who is technically astute with a range of CI/CD tools, familiar with test automation, code integration, secure development practices, deployment automation and everything else that goes into a mature DevOps process.

    We want someone who has significant experience of DevOps tools and platforms, can understand the technical complexities that come with enterprise systems.  Someone who knows their GitHub from their Kubernetes, and their Jenkins from their SonarQube.  We are for a technologist who is passionate about improvement software practices and can sit down with Developers and Testers and get into the weeds of their technical problems, develop workable solutions with them, and build their confidence in the DevOps strategy.

    What you’ll be doing

    • Participate in workshops and dojos that will take Development teams through a journey to explore process improvement, using Value Stream Mapping and other techniques.
    • Providing technical coaching and guidance to Development teams to maximise the value derived from DevOps technologies.
    • Instil confidence in the Development teams, enhancing their level of expertise, and increasing their knowledge of DevOps tools so that they can confidently build CI/CD pipelines for themselves.
    • Closely partner with Global Security to implement a Secure DevOps model that considers application security from the outset, and leverages tools and automation that enhance security through the application architecture.
    • Solving complex problems in a collaborative and open learning environment alongside fellow team members.
    • Listening to the inputs of others and working towards the best solution that maximises the value to the policyholder, without ego or prejudice.

    What you should have

    Below is an overview of the skills and experience we are looking for, but remember, don’t rule yourself out if you don’t have everything on the list – it’s your intellect and your attitude we’re really after.


    • Excellent, written and verbal communication skills
    • Bachelor’s degree. Comparable commercial experience may also be considered
    • Demonstrable technical leadership capabilities
    • Proactively participated in client workshops – first-class stakeholder management
    • Technical competency in DevOps using a range of technologies
    • Strong software engineering principles and architecture knowledge
    • Experience in systems automation, virtualization, orchestration, continuous integration, deployment, and implementation


    • Experience leading or participating in change management programmes, particularly in large corporate organisations
    • Experience delivering projects for customers/clients located in different time zones
    • Provision of technical and process mentoring for development teams in a previous role
    • Previous experience in application development / software engineering
    • Knowledge and experience in some of the key technologies required for the role, such as (but not limited to):
    • Familiarity with cloud-based technologies (AWS, Azure or GCP)
    • GitHub, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker
    • Command line languages: e.g. Bash, Powershell
    • Code scanning tools: Vericode, SonarQube
    • Test Automation: Robot Framework, Selenium, Appium
    • Experience deploying solutions across a range of platforms:  Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Apple Stores
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Monitoring / Telemetry

    Experience in process improvement practices and patterns:

    • Value Stream Mapping
    • DevOps Kaizen
    • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
    • Shifting security, testing and monitoring left

    So that’s us. Thanks for taking the time to read this far (pretty impressive in the era of the 280 character tweet). We look forward to hearing from you if you fancy joining a tech innovation company with the agility of a start-up and the stability of a Fortune 500 U.S. company.

    Aflac NI is an equal opportunities employer

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