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Belfast, Northern Ireland


Senior UX Designer

  • Belfast (currently remote)

    Main responsibilities

    As a Senior UX Designer in Fathom, with a minimum of 4 years’ experience in UX, UI or other relevant digital design disciplines, you will focus on delivering great experience design solutions through user–centred research and insight. Your work will drive results for our clients through human–centred design of their digital products and services. You will be responsible for the delivery of project briefs as part of a multidisciplinary team of UX designers and researchers.

    Throughout your career in Fathom you will gain exposure to multiple project types within various industries, from enterprise to start–ups and not–for–profit. This role also has an expectation of an individual who can contribute to thought leadership, presentation, facilitation and training.

    The Senior UX Designer is required to have proficient levels of experience, and ability in the following areas:


    • Use desk and usability research plus human behavioural knowledge to prototype early design ideation
    • Sketch in lo–fidelity to communicate digital product and service experience improvements and recommendations 
    • Articulate the benefits of fast iteration and be comfortable with paper prototyping when ideating multiple solutions
    • Translate ideas into design by choosing the appropriate fidelity of prototype for the phase of design. i.e. sketch / lo–fi / hi–fi

    Interaction design

    • Translate research into appropriate visual formats to describe interactions in context 
    • Knowledge of user interface design patterns across devices and environments
    • Choosing final user interface patterns to best meet behaviours and goals driven from primary research
    • Attention to detail of user controls, triggers, actions to elicit user behaviour which fulfils their desired need 
    • Sketch and annotate for clarity on how a specific user interface interaction will behave and work

    Creative UI design

    • Use research plus cognitive psychology and human behaviour knowledge to provide visual design guidance and assessment 
    • Use fundamental principles of visual design (e.g. contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity) within your user interfaces.
    • Choose appropriate typography, grids, iconography, image style and graphical tools which help users complete their intended actions
    • Translate brand guidelines to match brand look and feel across digital contexts

    Training and facilitation

    • Plan, facilitate, deliver and report on a range of Human Centred Design stakeholder meetings, workshops and usability studies
    • Deliver UX Processes, methods and tools knowledge transfer
    • Deliver defined and bespoke Human Centred Design training programmes, to existing and new clients
    • Work as part of a team to help innovate and develop education and training programmes for existing and new clients

    User needs and usability analysis

    • Have an analytical and empirical approach to problem solving
    • Plan and conduct primary research to uncover the behaviour, goals and motivations of users
    • Collaborate with our UX Researchers to understand the key gaps in knowledge about our client’s users and business goals
    • Analyse research findings, using good judgement to choose the appropriate methods and fidelity of artefacts required for effective team and stakeholder communication
    • Communicate techniques to stakeholders to ensure user needs are at the forefront of any potential solution
    • Plan and facilitate usability testing on a range of lo–fi and hi–fi prototypes 
    • Summarise and communicate research findings and results succinctly through compelling artefacts
    • Choose the most appropriate format for sharing findings and recommendations

    Information architecture

    • Design and test IA to establish the flow between a person and a product, service, or environment
    • Uncover and describe users’ mental models 
    • Choose between different design patterns for organising content

    Design leadership

    • Receive and interpret briefs from, present to, and elicit feedback from clients
    • Evaluate business and user requirements on projects and apply the resources and methods that will most effectively address the challenges
    • Assess cost–benefit outcomes of research activities and plan design accordingly
    • Contribute to thought–leadership via blog and marketing content creation and participation in events
    • Check–in and provide support with team members who are using your work to achieve project outcomes
    • Liaise with key stakeholders and manage client expectations, while always advocating for product users and their needs 

    Content design

    • Identify and recommend concise plain English content that matches user language, tone of voice and expectations, while meeting their needs in context
    • Choose and plan the right content type(s) that help users’ complete tasks and transactions

    Additional desirable attributes and experience:

    • Practical experience in service design and other design–thinking methods
    • Previous agency experience
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