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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Closing Date

2020-01-24 00:00:00


Scrum Master

  • Team Context

    One of the first high-performing teams we are establishing will be responsible for designing and developing workflow automation solutions using Pega (check out if you haven’t heard of the technology before – it’s pretty impressive). Although this technology has been around for a while, it has recently been supercharged and now offers impressive capabilities augmenting workflow automation with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. At Aflac Northern Ireland we are utilising Pega to develop smart technology solutions that will directly improve our customer experience.

    The intention is for our teams to continually adapt and reinvent their skills and capabilities over time as technologies change and evolve. We will provide the right challenges and opportunities to enable your success, however we need you to bring your enthusiasm, the ability to learn quickly, and to take minimum-viable-product technology to produce industrialised solutions for the enterprise.  Once you have successfully delivered robust and scalable solutions for Aflac, there will be a new technology waiting to be explored and built to scale within our organisation. We’ll be keeping things pretty fresh.

    Role Context

    We want experienced Scrum Masters who can help bring direction and structure to what our engineers are building and keep everyone focused on the priorities of each sprint – someone capable of keeping their eyes on the prize, so to speak.  Experience with Pega is not required, but you do need to have proven experience of successfully working in Agile teams and getting the best from a capable group of developers, testers, and DevOps people. 


    • Planning, organising, and facilitating Scrum events and rituals, including sprint planning, story estimation, daily stand-ups, retrospectives, and velocity tracking
    • Developing good relationships between the team and the Product Owner as well as others outside of the team
    • Ensuring the team members have a clear understanding of the requirements and priorities
    • Interfacing with other agile teams and the rest of the organisation to manage dependencies and coach other agile teams, program level and portfolio level teams as needed
    • Training, coaching and mentoring teams on Agile concepts to improve efficiency and enable better performance
    • Working with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of Scrum in the organization
    • Actively identifying and removing impediments to team velocity
    • Enabling and encouraging the team to be self-organising, cross-functional, and autonomous
    • Ensuring that the team operates in a way that is open, accurate, honest, efficient and transparent

    Skills and experience

    Below is an overview of the skills and experience we are looking for, but remember, don’t rule yourself out if you don’t have everything on the list – it’s your intellect and your attitude we are really after.


    • 2+ years as a Scrum Master / managing Agile projects
    • 5+ years working in software development and engineering projects
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to coach and train others effectively in Agile techniques
    • Strong influencing, conflict resolution, decision making and negotiation skills.
    • Highly effective organisational skills
    • Ability to quickly adapt to a dynamic environment
    • Bachelor’s degree - preferably in a Computer Science, Engineering, or STEM subject. Comparable commercial experience may also be considered


    • Experience with different types of Agile project delivery, including Scaled Agile projects
    • Experience with various tools and techniques for enhancing teams’ ability to effectively deliver (e.g. burn down, burn up, velocity tracking, planning poker)
    • Experience of delivering Agile solutions for customers/clients located in a different time zones
    • Scrum Master Certification
    • Agile Coach Certification

    So that’s us. Thanks for taking the time to read this far (pretty impressive in the era of the 280-character tweet). We look forward to hearing from you if you fancy joining a new tech innovation company with the agility of a start-up and the stability of a Fortune 500 U.S. company.

    Aflac Northern Ireland is an equal opportunities employer