Job Details


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Commensurate with Experience


3 + years


Jan 23, 2019

Closing Date

Apr 30, 2019


Technical QA Engineer

  • This is a great opportunity to work as a Technical QA Engineer on a modern, cloud, blockchain-based platform delivering solutions for a global leader in internet services with more than 1.2 billion members around the world. 

    The Rakuten Blockchain Lab team in Belfast build secure, high availability enterprise platforms that allow the many Rakuten Business/Developers to create solutions that take advantage of the benefits of distributed ledger or blockchain technologies without having to be concerned about the complexities of implementation.  Our platforms follow a microservice architecture where services are developed in Node.js and deployed as docker containers into a cloud based Kubernetes environment.  There are integrations with relational databases, 3rd party APIs as well as specialised cryptographic services and of course blockchain networks.

    The overall test approach requires a balanced strategy of unit, integration, and end-to-end tests in addition to the non-functional testing such as performance, failure/failover and security that you would expect for this type of platform.  The team are currently working on a number of very exciting Rakuten HQ projects to be delivered in 2019 and are urgently looking for a Lead QA Engineer to work side by side with the platform engineers to design and execute an effective test strategy.

    If you are an Engineer with a passion for QA and would like to be work on the delivery of these complex solutions, then we would love to talk to you.

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    This position is located at the Rakuten Blockchain Lab in Belfast city centre. We currently have an engineering team of 13 who are  working on a number of very exciting Rakuten HQ projects to be delivered in 2019.  The existing team collectively has many years of experience in building secure, high availability enterprise platforms for financial services, health and consumer electronics sectors.  We will be growing the team to 20 over the next 12 months and as a result are looking for a Technical QA Engineer to work with the QA Lead and side by side with the platform engineers to design and execute an effective test strategy.  The successful candidate will work as an integral part of our multi-disciplinary team focused on delivering high quality enterprise-class blockchain-based solutions and platforms.

    This is an exciting opportunity for an individual that comes from a software engineering background and has strong technical skills, who is looking for a challenging role with a broader remit and greater responsibilities.  You will get a chance to work on the emerging blockchain frameworks and learn from the experienced blockchain engineers in the team.


    We take ownership for the full end-to-end solution from inception through to production and beyond. Our services are built in Node.js with various relational databases and follow a micro-services architecture.  We work with multiple public and private blockchain protocols & frameworks depending on the requirements. We package our services with Docker and use Google Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling and management of these containers in both public and private cloud environments. We value short feedback loops and have implemented a CI/CD pipeline as well as automated unit, integration and acceptance tests.


    We need a Technical QA Engineer who has can design and execute functional and non-functional test plans.  You should be able to auromate where it makes sense, but understand that manual and exploratory testing are equally as important.  You need to be able to work in a collaborative manner with colleagues across multiple office locations on different time zones.


    As a key member of the software development and delivery team, you will:

    • Work with the rest of the team to establish a QA discipline that promotes high quality software releases
    • Develop and execute automated and exploratory testing of our applications at multiple levels of complexity
    • Build test harnesses, test suites, test scenarios, and metrics collection mechanisms
    • Perform component, system, integration and acceptance testing
    • Work collaboratively with engineers to plan and execute appropriate performance and throughput testing
    • Analyse test results and prepare load, performance, and throughput projections
    • Incorporate test automation mechanisms into continuous-integration pipelines
    • Work with other teams in Rakuten to ensure the successful planning and execution of Security Testing
    • Work with developers to reproduce, locate, and identify bugs
    • Explore and evaluate potential test tooling and test automation enhancements
    • Cultivate expertise in relevant aspects of target business domains and apply that knowledge to maximize technology value
    • Assist project and product leaders in making risk-managed planning and release decisions



    • 3+ years working as an Engineer or Technical QA Engineer
    • Experience of test automation using a variety of tools
    • Proficiency in one or more scripting languages
    • Experience with testing APIs in a service oriented architecture
    • Knowledge of planning, bug tracking & collaboration tools
    • Hands on experience of managing multiple test environments


    • Prior experience of working with high availability, secure enterprise platforms in the financial services sector
    • Experience running, troubleshooting, and testing distributed systems
    • You don’t need to have direct experience of working with blockchains, but you will need to be able to demonstrate an interest in new and emerging technologies and be eager to take on new challenges.
    • Experience of working with the following stack:
      • Micro-service based architectures
      • API Gateways (e.g. Kong)
      • Containers (e.g. Docker) & Container Orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes)
      • Cloud based platforms (i.e. deploying and running in AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Google Compute Environment, etc.)
      • API testing libraries such as Mocha & Hippie



    Rakuten, Inc., which we are part of, is the largest eCommerce company in Japan, and third largest ecommerce marketplace company worldwide. Rakuten provides a variety of consumer and business-focused services including e-commerce, e-reading, travel, banking, securities, credit card, e-money, portal and media, online marketing and professional sports. The company is expanding globally and currently has operations throughout Asia, Western Europe, and the Americas. Founded in 1997, Rakuten is headquartered in Tokyo, with over 20,000 employees worldwide.  

    As a company with teams distributed globally, we believe it is important to grow regional technology-focused communities that promotes collaboration and innovation. This is why Europe Technology Division (EUTD), of which the Rakuten Blockchain Lab is part of, was created.

    • EUTD is Rakuten’s regional software engineering organization.
    • We have over 140 members coming from all over the world representing over 20 nationalities working at 10 offices in 6 European countries.
    • We are developing and operating Rakuten’s global software platforms, which are used across Rakuten Group worldwide.
    • We have expertise in a range of areas including e-commerce, big data, search, recommendations, data science, business intelligence, information security, user identity management, corporate IT, and data centres and infrastructure.
    • We are supporting Rakuten’s businesses in Europe and are closely collaborating with the colleagues at Rakuten’s headquarters in Japan and in other regions.

    If you are interested in becoming part of an organization that aims to empower society and become the World’s best, join the company where YOU shape the future. Come and work with us!