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Belfast, Northern Ireland


Penetration Tester

  • The Team

    At Aflac Northern Ireland, we are building a diverse, multi-function Cyber Security Team to support our Global Security Program protecting our customers in the US & Japan. The Aflac NI Security Team has taken ownership of key components of the security program and are integrating with the Global Security Team to strengthen existing functions and build new capabilities.  

    When customers come to us in their time of need, they require secure, resilient systems to manage their policies, so it is critical that our infrastructure and applications are protected. As a widely recognised Fortune 500 company, Aflac’s brand is one of its most valuable assets and protecting its reputation is of utmost importance. The Aflac NI Security Team has been formed to bring subject matter expertise, thought leadership and innovative problem-solving techniques to enhance capabilities in support of the Aflac Global Security Strategy. 

    We’re aiming to gather one of Belfast’s most diverse line-ups of adaptable and talented people to focus on the penetration testing side of Cyber Security. We’re looking for individuals who can think on their feet, see the attack surface, replicate, innovate and push boundaries. The intention is for our teams to continually adapt and reinvent their skills and capabilities over time as technologies change and evolve. We provide the right challenges and opportunities to enable your success; you to bring your enthusiasm and the ability to learn quickly. 


    The Role

    Aflac NI is in search of an experienced Penetration Tester to join our growing Belfast based Penetration Testing Team. Aflac relies on it’s Cyber Security and Penetration Testing teams to identify vulnerabilities across our networks, applications, mobile and cloud platforms. We are looking for a passionate, naturally curious individual who is keen to make an impact at a Fortune 500 company.

    Working as a Penetration Tester, you will be instrumental in planning and executing ‘day-to-day’ penetration testing engagements, as well as more specific offensive scenario driven operations, against our external digital footprint.

    What you’ll be doing

    • Performing both manual and automated penetration testing to identify security risks within applications, security controls, and network infrastructure.
    • Carrying out targeted penetration testing/offensive operations (planning, scoping, approval, reconnaissance & discovery, execution of attacks, pivoting, persistence, and remediation) covering large-scale applications, environments and network infrastructure.
    • Developing comprehensive and accurate reports and presentations for internal stakeholders including technical and executive audiences.
    • Taking personal responsibility for understanding new designs, systems, and technology, with a particular emphasis on knowledge of Aflac’s external points of presence and the risks associated with them.
    • Researching emerging technologies and attack vectors and developing scripts, tools, or methodologies to enhance Aflac’s red teaming processes.
    • Creating, maintaining and configuring tooling and testing platforms.
    • Ensuring that all internal policies and security procedures are adhered to
    • Leading a team of penetration testers on specific engagements when necessary


    Skills & Experience

    What you should have

    Below is an overview of the skills and experience we are looking for, but remember, don’t rule yourself out if you don’t have everything on the list – it’s your intellect and your attitude we are after.


    • Bachelor’s degree in IT / Cyber Security and or 4+ years experience in penetration testing or related cyber security fields, executing web application, network, and system penetration tests using proven testing methodologies
    • Demonstrable experience with leveraging Open Source penetration testing tools such as Metasploit and Kali Linux, along with other testing and C2 frameworks.
    • Experience of programming languages. Such as: Perl, Python, ruby, bash, C or C++, C#, or Java, including scripting and editing existing code.
    • Experience of automated penetration testing tools and integrations
    • Knowledge and experience of evasion strategies for multiple security technologies (IDS, IPS, WAF, AV, etc.)
    • Ability to maintain own tools and testing infrastructure for assessing a range of environments.
    • Confident in conveying threat hunt results in formal technical reports and deliver briefings to all stakeholders.


    • UK GOV CHECK scheme penetration testing experience
    • Recognised penetration testing certifications (GPEN, GXPN, OSCP, OSCE, CREST, TIGER etc.)
    • Knowledge of penetration testing processes in cloud environments.
    • Knowledge of open security testing standards and projects, including OWASP.
    • Proven ability to assist remediation efforts for discovered vulnerabilities.

    Aflac Northern Ireland is an equal opportunities employer