Q&A with a Citi Spring Insights Intern

  • Citi were delighted to host the annual Spring Insights week for another year.  It was a pleasure to have students join us in the Citi office from a range of Universities and Regional Colleges in Belfast. This is a great opportunity to give 1st and 2nd year students an insight into Citi’s Technology and Operations teams, hear from one of our student interns below.

    Name: Chloe Johnston

    Area of Study: Foundation Degree in Software Engineering

    What is the most valuable thing you have learnt this week?

    The most valuable thing I have learned at Citi’s spring insight week was the specific job roles based in Citi and what they entailed, it helped me to get a good idea of what roles I’d be interested in and what how to tailor my studies to achieve the role I want.

    What has been your biggest highlight?

    The biggest highlight for me was getting to speak to Ross from the graduate program on Thursday, his job role was the closest to what I would be interested in doing at Citi and it was great to hear from someone with the same interest in back end design and programming as me.

    What is something that has surprised you?

    Something that pleasantly surprised me was the community at Citi. There is a place or a network for everyone and the overall energy of the office was friendly and welcoming, everyone I spoke to had great things to say about their peers and felt secure in being able to reach out for help if needed.

    Watch out for Spring Week opportunities for 2023 going live in Winter 2022. If you are or will be a 1st/2nd year student, don’t miss your chance to join us next Spring!

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