Women in Business Conference: Fujitsu’s take on #TransformingTechTogether

  • Over 200 delegates from across the NI technology sector attended the Women in Tech Conference on Friday 25th February, hosted by BBC presenter Emer Maguire in the Titanic Building, Belfast.

    As an event sponsor, Fujitsu partnered with other digital experts to help empower role models who innovate, challenge and define trends. We caught up with representatives from the Fujitsu NI team who attended the hybrid event to get their top takeaways from the event:

    If you have a passion for tech and a willingness to learn, you can be taught everything you need to know to have a successful career

    Claire McBride, Account Executive

    ‘It was great to attend an in-person event after almost 2 years working from home. As someone who followed an untraditional path into tech it was particularly interesting to hear from Lindsay Rootare who discussed ‘how it’s who you are and ‘your experiences’ that are important.

    If you have a passion for tech and a willingness to learn, you can be taught everything you need to know to have a successful career. The variety of conference content ensured there was something for everyone no matter your role or where you were on your career path.’

    Susanne Doggart, AMCS Customer Solution Architect

    ‘I was so impressed by Dr Maria Angela Ferrarrio, her eloquence on the ethics of AI and the importance of humanity within the context of its application. Really thought-provoking stuff.’

    Claire Reid, Service Delivery Associate  

    ‘Another great Women in Tech conference full of inspiring people and discussion topics. I particularly identified with and the rise of the generalist discussion, and of course Emer Maguire had me laughing from start to finish!’

    It gave me hope! Hope that I can be successful in this industry and validation that I have a right to be in it.

    Claire Scullion, Project Support Officer  

    ‘I came away feeling inspired from the Women in Tech conference. It was brilliant to hear from so many women from various backgrounds at varying stages of their careers. The key takeaway for me was from Caroline Bedford who is advocating for the rise of the generalist in the tech specific industry. As someone who has an interest in many things and a non-linear career background – it gave me hope! Hope that I can be successful in this industry and validation that I have a right to be in it.’

    Marie-Claire McCoy, Technical Support Specialist            

    ‘Emer was born for the stage, made the whole day so much more enjoyable!  Finally, after all these years I have a label for what I want to be – a Generalist!’

    Lia Newcomb, Head of Sustainability Management       

    ‘A brilliantly hosted day with some really wonderful insights from some very inspirational woman – already looking forward to the next one!’

    It inspired me to have a very gender role career possibility conversation with my young daughter

    Stacey Kavanagh, Sustainability Consultant      

    ‘I didn’t have a traditional pathway into the tech world. I think my biggest takeaway from the event was how much our uniqueness is valued and can bring us together to empower women in tech. Although we all have our individual skill sets, the principles of women in tech remain the same and it inspired me to have a very open conversation about gender roles within careers with my young daughter.’

    LeanneMulcahy, Sustainability Consultant        

    ‘I found the event very inspirational. As a mum of 4, it was refreshing to see the support that I have at my fingertips. Juggling work and homelife brings its challenges - I came away feeling empowered as a woman in tech, that I have access to a network of other mums in the same position and that there is a big push on not only attracting women to tech roles but retaining them throughout the tough times. Emer Maguire, also restored my faith in humour, that it still exists and feel that her light-heartedness made the day what it was!’

    To be free, to be me, whoever that may be

    Maria McCallion – Executive Assistant to Head of Public Sector

    ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Women in Tech Conference, I particularly enjoyed Lindsay’s slot on “Untraditional paths” and loved the 3rd Panel on “Authenticity in the Workplace”. One of my favourite takeaways from the event is the saying “To be free, to be me, whoever that may be”, it resonates with me as I would always hope to portray my true self. I thought that Emer Maguire was fab, very engaging, funny, and professional. She was just brilliant!’

    Emma McCrory – Senior Business Consultant

    ‘As a finance professional, I spent my first 20 years in the IT sector believing that I wasn’t really a “proper IT person”. Caroline Bedford’s closing session on “The Rise of the Generalist in the Tech Specialist World” helped me see the intrinsic value of my talents and skill set and sent me into the weekend with the affirmation that I am an “Enabler of All”.’

    Fujitsu will be hosting webinars on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March, discussing the metaverse and beyond and mastering modernisation, becoming an adaptive organisation, and staying one. For more information on the webinars and to sign up, follow Fujitsu Northern Ireland on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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