Sync NI Spotlight: ESO’s Russell Beggs

  • Russell Beggs is the Vice President of Engineering at ESO, a US based software firm with offices in Belfast that aims to improve health and safety through the power of data.

    Russell always knew that he wanted to make a difference in the world through technology.

    From a young age, Russell was fascinated by how things in the world worked and how he could make an impact. He realised that technology is the key to driving change and dedicated his education to the study of computer science.

    Russell started his career at Kainos, which spun out Meridio and in turn expanded internationally, offering him the opportunity to work in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and North America. He next spent several years at Deloitte Digital, solving problems for the finance and public sector industries using technology.

    In 2019 Russell moved to ESO, a health technology company that develops innovative, user-friendly software to meet the changing needs of EMS, fire and rescue services, and hospitals. ESO, a U.S.-based company, had identified Belfast as its first location for global expansion due to the wealth of software engineering talent in Northern Ireland. Russell admittedly took a risk when he moved to ESO, leaving a role he enjoyed for a company where he would be the first employee in a new office. But as he met with executive leadership and other colleagues, Russell noticed a common quality that assured him that he was in the right place — everyone was there to make a difference and support ESO’s mission of improving community health and safety through the power of data. 

    Two years later ESO’s Belfast office has grown to more than 50 employees under Russell’s leadership, and he now also runs ESO’s software engineering teams globally. While ESO’s rapid growth has presented some challenges, Russell notes that the mission-driven work attracts people who want to make a difference, which keeps everyone focused on a common goal. 

    ESO’s recent acquisitions of Emergency Reporting, a fire records management solution, and Medusa, an electronic patient care reporting solution, have expanded where ESO software is being used globally. “The work that we’re doing locally is making a global impact – being able to see that impact in our own communities makes it even more meaningful,” says Russell. “As ESO continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to stay focused on the mission so we can help providers deliver the best care possible.”

    For those interested in starting a technology-focused career, Beggs offers a few pieces of simple advice. First, be flexible and teachable. The software engineering landscape is constantly changing, so being agile and open to change is key. Do not hesitate to ask questions or ask peers for guidance.

    Second, know that having an education in computer science does not limit you to being a software engineer. There are many different paths where a computer science education can lead, from QA engineering to working in infrastructure or risk compliance. 

    Ultimately, however, Russell encourages those pursuing a career in technology to put happiness first. People who are happy tend to be more creative and successful in both life and career. Individuals should assess what inspires them so that they can find a role at a company with a mission that aligns with their passions.

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